2016 Chinese Horoscope: For Those Who Were Born in the Year of the Rat

Presenting the Debrief’s 2016 Chinese Horoscopes for those born in the year of the Rat, covering predictions for your personal wealth, career, love, health and lots more (i.e. all the juicy stuff).

2016 Chinese Horoscope : For Those Who Were Born in the Year of the Rat

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2008, 7 February 2008 - 25 January 2009, Rat

1996, 19 February 1996 - 7 February 1997, Rat

1984, 2 February 1984 - 19 February 1985, Rat

1972, 16 January 1972 - 2 February 1973, Rat

1960, 28 January 1960 - 14 February 1961, Rat

1948, 10 February 1948 - 28 January 1949, Rat

1936, 24 January 1936 - 10 February 1937, Rat

1924, 5 February 1924 - 24 January 1925, Rat

Those who were born in the year of the Rat – i.e. with the birth years 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, here are the 2016 fortune prediction of annual career, wealth, love, health, marriage, lucky colour, aspects of good and bad luck.

People who were born in the year of the Rat are compatible with the year of the Monkey in 2016. This year, there will be new collaboration opportunities. The presence of ‘Admiral Star’ and ‘Fortune Star Enters the Palace’ mean you’ll take to new things like a duck to water. Be cautious with investment and extra careful with any projects that involve parting with large amounts of money. On the upside, there will be someone around this year who will bring you positive energy, even in times of trouble. For those who are in business, there will be new business proposals. Do not set the goal too high, as things will not go smoothly – but when things do get out of control (which they might), know that you can still deal with them on your own. But it’s also a year to consider talking and getting help from friends around you, as there is a good chance that someone will be able to come to your rescue in 2016 As long as you’re willing to seek for help, there will always be solutions – don’t head down a blind alley on your own.

2016 Wealth fortune for those who were born in the year of the Rat

In 2016, those who were born in the year of the Rat should make securing regular income a priority. Business people will get plenty of opportunity for collaboration, but try and be cautious – any wealth you have is vulnerable this year and aggressive investments are probably to be avoided. Fortunately, even when things get back, there will be someone coming to your rescue this year – potentially someone of an older generation. 2016 is also a year of reaping what you sow. It’s important to put in effort to meet clients in person, and find ways to overcome hurdles with innovation. Avoid making investment based on advice given through unreliable sources as conservative wealth management is key for this year. We suggested individuals to put on a pendant of ‘winged mythical wild animal’ to boost the luck of wealth and ensure good wealth fortune in the year of the Monkey.

2016 Career fortune for those who were born in the year of the Rat

The 2016 lucky star ‘Admiral Star’ means career advancement – whoop! For those who have been working diligently, your hard work will be recognised by superiors. In fact, an opportunity for promotion might arise, which means you may experience career breakthroughs and take on new job responsibilities. If you’re considering working abroad this year to nail that all-important promotion, this is the year to go for it. However, although career opportunities are great this year, a big effort is required to increase wealth. In the year that favours clear thinking and strong analytical skills, work hard for career development – this is especially useful advice for those in management positions or who work for large corporations.

2016 Love fortune for those who were born in the year of the Rat

Without the help of the Love Star, 2016 will be a difficult one for those who were born in the year of the Rat to meet the love of their lives. Those who are single take note of friends or colleagues around you; as you might end up getting together with an old acquaintance – however, be warned, the whole thing could become a clandestine affair. Making the first move is the thing to do if you want to make things work with someone you feel strongly about. If you’re already seeing someone, you may encounter challenges this year. Steer clear of the effects of ‘Five Ghosts’ and ‘Back Pointing’ stars – five ghosts represent suspicions, lack of trust and keeping secrets from each other. Sad face.

It’s important to be honest with your loved one - be transparent and clear your doubts. Individuals who were born in the year of the Rat, can wear a fox bracelet or charm in 2016 to strengthen their love fortune. With this, singles could seek love relationship and married individuals could improve their marriage.

2016 Health fortune for those who were born in the year of the Rat

With the aid of ‘Five Ghosts’ star, low emotions happen in 2016. To avoid vocal disturbance, minimise visits to Yang energy-deficient places such as cemetery grounds, back alleys and pubs. This is to deter Ying energy. But this is also a good time to take trips away and get out of the city as you’ll be able to take to take in the Yang energy from nature. Talking and confiding frequently in friends will be an important way to stay positive this year. Additionally, avoid ‘Celestial Cry’ star of bad luck, as it introduces dangers and unforeseen circumstances. As a result, when travel both for leisure and work, you must keep away from minor accidents and be extra cautious in everything you do. Basically, take extra care, guys.

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