2016 Chinese Horoscope : For Those Who Were Born in the Year Of The Pig

Presenting the Debrief’s 2016 Chinese Horoscopes if you were born in the year of the pig, covering predictions for your personal wealth, career, love, health and lots more (i.e. all the juicy stuff).

2016 Chinese Horoscope : For Those Who Were Born in the Year of the Pig

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2016 Fortune Collection and Reveal: For Those Who Were Born in the Year of the Pig

2007, 18 February 2007 - 6 February 2008, Pig

1995, 31 January 1995 - 18 February 1996, Pig

1983, 13 February 1983 - 1 February 1984, Pig

1971, 27 January 1971 - 15 January 1972, Pig

1959, 8 February 1959 - 27 January 1960, Pig

1947, 22 January 1947 - 9 February 1948, Pig

1935, 4 February 1935 - 23 January 1936, Pig

1923, 16 February 1923 - 4 February 1924, Pig

Those who were born in the year of the Pig, birth year 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959, 1947, here is the 2016 fortune prediction of annual career, wealth, love, health, marriage, lucky colour, aspects of good and bad luck.

Entering the year of 2016, those who were born in the year of the Pig are affected by the “Shen Hai Damage”, it is a form of offending Tai Sui but with a smaller impact. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you've got happy events planned for this year, then they will lessen the effect of changes caused by Tai Sui offense. If you don't already have happy events lined up, be extra cautious and avoid getting caught off guard by unforseen circumstances. Avoid getting over aggressive to steer clear of further issues.

Despite this you'll benefit from two lucky stars that help in career development. 'Tai Ying' is a female helper as it indicates joyfulness and welcoming the arrival of spring and favours career advancement, job promotion and wage increase. These two lucky stars work hand in hand to unleash the career potential.

Minor financial loss is possible this year - you can prevent it through savvy invetment and careful financial management. 'Lone Star' insinuates loneliness and low emotions - you might prefer to spend more time alone this year.

In summary, someone will come to rescue - and although there is a good chance your career will blossom, you need to take extra precautions and wealth management. As this is the year of damaging Tai Sui, it’s normal to experience major changes; exercise patient and be well prepared to avoid worries. We suggested individuals to place a string of 'Baotai Blessing Box' beside their beds or in vehicles to resolve the effect of Tai Sui offence and to transform the bad into good.

2016 Wealth fortune for those who were born in the year of the Pig

In the process of business operation, individuals will receive assistance from “Yu Tang” helper; this is of the utmost importance. “Tai Ying” helper is also present to proffer a helping hand; it means former female client may introduce numerous business partners to boost business activities. Nonetheless, the peaceful wealth gain is interrupted by “God of Death”; there will be upheavals such as unexpected expenses or unpaid bills by clients. All these affect the overall business operation. Individuals may put on a pendant of “winged mythical wild animal” to boost the luck of wealth and ensure good wealth fortune from all aspects.

2016 Career fortune for those who were born in the year of the Pig

Individuals who are loyally working for the company stand a chance to receive rewards in 2016. With the guidance of “Yu Tang” lucky star, there is apparent opportunity for job promotion and wage increase. You’ll be granted high authorities and smooth progress from then on. In addition, the presence of “Tai Ying” facilitates good interpersonal relationship. The relationship with colleagues and superior is better than in the past. Team spirit can be fully exercised to ensure success of the company.

If you have the desire to start up a business this year, be sure that you’re competent prior to taking action. Without proper planning, it’s best to hold off till the second half of the year to make up your mind.

Despite the smooth career progress, watch out for the presence of villains. In this year of damaging Tai Sui, it’s best to speak less and work harder. Be cautious of your speech to avoid undesirable outcome. “God of Death” depicts sudden failure. Pay full attention to work until it’s fully completed; otherwise, failure may happen due to carelessness.

2016 Love fortune for those who were born in the year of the Pig

This year of damaging Tai Sui may introduce new relationships to those who are singles. They will experience the happiness though had no intention of making commitments in the past. For those who take relationship seriously will be distressed without a stable relationship. If a new relationship is possible this year, do not be overly committed into it to prevent miserable situation when breaking up. Married individuals will face major mood swings this year and arguments with partners are inevitable; trivial matters turn into big disagreements if not controlled wisely; marriage may be compromised. Care for each other and do not go after little matters. Travel often to strengthen relationship. Individuals can wear a “unique fox bracelet” in 2016 to resolve undesirable elements in love relationship. It brings the love fortune to the singles.

2016 Health fortune for those who were born in the year of the Pig

Even though health condition has been great, there will be illnesses in the year of offending Tai Sui. They will experience incessant ups and downs. Consider increasing immune system; plan daily schedule appropriately and often take part in exercises such as swimming, jogging and trekking. There will be smooth career progress. As position advances and pay increases, so does work pressure. Hard work requires constant thinking. On top of frequent work social events, watch out for your health and take part in some relaxing exercises. Drivers are advisable to pay attention to road safety and refrain from speeding or running the red light; otherwise, there will be serious consequences. Equip your vehicle with a string of “interior car ornament of Yin Hai Protecting God of Bodhi” to resolve hidden dangers on the road.

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