2016 Chinese Horoscope : For Those Who Were Born in the Year Of The Goat

Presenting the Debrief’s 2016 Chinese Horoscopes for those born in the year of the goat, covering predictions for your personal wealth, career, love, health and lots more (i.e. all the juicy stuff).

2016 Chinese Horoscope : For Those Who Were Born in the Year of the Sheep

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2016 Fortune Collection and Reveal: For Those Who Were Born in the Year of the Goat

2015 19 February 2015 - 7 February 2016 Sheep

2003 1 February 2003 - 21 January 2004 Sheep

1991 15 February 1991 - 3 February 1992 Sheep

1979 28 January 1979 - 15 February 1980 Sheep

1967 9 February 1967 - 29 January 1968 Sheep

1955 24 January 1955 - 11 February 1956 Sheep

1943 5 February 1943 - 24 January 1944 Sheep

1931 17 February 1931 - 5 February 1932 Sheep

Those who were born in the year of the Goat, birth year 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955, here is the 2016 fortune prediction of annual career, wealth, love, health, marriage, lucky colour, aspects of good and bad luck.

Entering the year of 2016, there will be presence of unlucky stars of ‘Lonesome’ and ‘Illness.’ This means you’ll be faced with potential health conditions, minor illnesses and pain. You might see some drastic changes in your career – maybe you’ll make the move and end up working for yourself. If you already work for yourself this could be the year where you expand. Be prepared for major changes to avoid surprises.

‘Red Celestial Bird’ and ‘Imperial Helper’ are present this year. This means assistance will by older people in your life. The lucky star of red celestial bird is not directly related to love fortune; instead, it represents smooth interpersonal relationships without any external factors getting involved.

This will be a year of obstacles but you can expect help from friends, family and even your boss, all of whom will come forward to help you unleash your personal potential. However you may find it hard to get accustomed to a foreign environment and become lonely. Health issues you have won’t be life threatening, but take care.

2016 Wealth fortune for those who were born in the year of the Goat

Drastic change takes place in 2016 for those who were born in the year of the Goat. For those who are in business, if you have made up your mind to implement big changes, research them first. Similarly, make sure you’ve got all the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

We suggested individuals to put on a pendant of ‘winged mythical wild animal’ to boost the luck of wealth and ensure good wealth fortune in the year of the Monkey.

2016 Career fortune for those who were born in the year of the Goat

Theoretically speaking, things will get smoother, career-wise this year. However, 2016 remains unpredictable and making the first move is not encouraged. Wait for job offers to come up before making changes – although staying put where you are might not be a bad option – a promotion may be on the cards. That said, staying where you are may restrict your career development.

2016 Love fortune for those who were born in the year of the Goat

If you’re in a LTA it should remain steady this year. If you’ve just split up with someone or you’ve been single a while, then there’s every possibility you’ll meet someone new this year. It might end up coming out of the blue, so be open to the possibility that this person might be an old friend or acquaintance. In terms of your interpersonal relationships – pay attention to other people’s needs to avoid unnecessary arguments. Individuals who were born in the year of the Goat are advised to wear a ‘unique fox bracelet’ in 2016 to strengthen their relationship.

2016 Health fortune for those who were born in the year of the Goat

Health is disrupted by “Breakthrough” and “Illness”. The former represents the lost feeling in a foreign environment – so if you’re going to be away a lot, make allowances for this. Spend as much time as you can with family and friends during the holidays and participate in outdoor activities to experience the beauty of nature, or take part in regular relaxing exercise. In addition, individuals are prone to cold and fever due to the influence of ‘Illness’ star. Pay attention to heath condition to avoid getting sick. Place a ‘Copper Herb of Gourd Mantra’ at home to resolve the evil spirit of unlucky star ‘Illness.’

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