2016 Chinese Horoscope : For Those Who Were Born in the Year of the Snake

Presenting the Debrief’s 2016 Chinese Horoscopes for those born in the year of the snake, covering predictions for your personal wealth, career, love, health and lots more (i.e. all the juicy stuff).

2016 Chinese Horoscope : For Those Who Were Born in the Year of the Snake

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2016 Fortune Collection and Reveal: For Those Who Were Born in the Year of the Snake

2013, 10 February 2013 - 30 January 2014, Snake

2001, 24 January 2001 - 11 February 2002, Snake

1989, 6 February 1989 - 26 January 1990, Snake

1977, 18 February 1977 - 6 February 1978, Snake

1965, 2 February 1965 - 20 January 1966, Snake

1953, 14 February 1953 - 2 February 1954, Snake

1941, 27 January 1941 - 14 February 1942, Snake

1929, 10 February 1929 - 29 January 1930, Snake

Those who were born in the year of the Snake, birth year 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, here is the 2016 fortune prediction of annual career, wealth, love, health, marriage, lucky colour, aspects of good and bad luck.

Individuals who were born in the year of the Snake have clashing Earthly Branches of Shenjin. In other words, they are affected by punishment of Tai Sui – which means harm or injury. Be aware of the impact this could have on your personal relationships. Meanwhile, watch out for minor health changes, such as bodily injury or even bleeding.

Be aware of any tricky colleagues at work, especially if you think they are acting up behind your back and talking to colleagues about you – if left unchecked they could cause real problems for you.

Unlucky stars include ‘Adorn Funeral Uniform’ and ‘Evil Robbery’ – so keep an eye on the health condition of elderly relatives to prevent them from getting worse. ‘Evil Robbery’ represents a minor loss in wealth.

Lucky star of 2016 is ‘Reward,’ there is possibility of getting help from others around personal business and career development. Those who are employees, there will be career development with the help of mentors, so let them help you. Men born in the year of the snake will experience great love fortune as they will meet new partners. For those in relationships, be aware of third parties getting involved. Set boundaries to deter unnecessary misunderstanding.

2016 Wealth fortune for those who were born in the year of the Snake

As it is a year affected by punishment of Tai Sui. There is sign of wealth loss under the influence of ‘Evil Robbery.’ This financial loss could be related to the bad health of an elderly relative – make appropriate provisions for this at the beginig of the year.

Luckily, the presence of ‘Reward’ star is related to someone coming to rescue and wealth fortune, with stable development in career and fortune of wealth. Those who own their own business will benefit from external help, and increasing clients. Those who are employed will have a smooth year, and potentially even a new income stream.

Impatience won’t pay off this year - avoid short-term investment and opt for medium to long-term investment instead for favourable returns. In general, 2016 is a year is a good year financially for those born in the year of the Snake. Play your cards right and you might even have some savings by the end of it! We suggested individuals to put on a pendant of ‘winged mythical wild animal’ to boost the luck of wealth in both positive and opportunistic investment.

2016 Career fortune for those who were born in the year of the Snake

With the assistance from others, this might be your year for a promotions. There will be stable progression, rather than a massive change, so don’t be too aggressive with how you pursue things – and maintain a good relationship with your boss.

Other people might start playing politics to get your boss on side, but try to ignore this and stay out of any office bitching. Instead let your work do the talking.

This is not a great year for job switching. Even if you move to a different company, there will be similar work environment. To avoid the influence of offending Tai Sui, it is better to stay back in existing company, unless there is absolutely fantastic opportunity.

2016 Love fortune for those who were born in the year of the Snake

Men who have been single for years will finally meet a long-term partner in 2016. This might be the year to finally let your friends play matchmaker, or let things develop gradually with friends.

Love fortune for women is average – even if you do meet someone great, you might discover that neither of you are willing to take the next big step.

If you’re in a LTR, pay attention to your partner and avoid influence from the opposite sex – of you don’t exercise control you might find yourself straying against your better judgment. Wear a ‘unique fox bracelet’ in 2016 to strengthen love fortune. With this, singles could seek love relationship and married individuals could strengthen their marriage.

2016 Health fortune for those who were born in the year of the Snake

Individuals who were born in the year of the Snake are spared from serious illness. However, watch out for climate change when travelling; not only will it affect travel itinerary, stormy weather will lead to cold, and fever.

Additionally, you may be affected by the punishment of Tai Sui and this can lead to some unstable emotions. Insomnia is a common occurrence during the night; it’s important to regulate your daily schedule. ‘Evil Robbery’ will also affect daily routine. Long working hours affect sleep quality and therefore influence how you feel at work – so adjust your schedule accordingly. ‘Adorn Funeral Uniform’ represents health condition of elderly in the family - spend time with family despite of busy schedule. Place a ‘Copper Herb of Gourd Mantra’ at home to resolve the evil spirit of ‘Adorn Funeral Uniform’ to ensure superb health of elderly in the family and steer clear of disasters.

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