2 Biscuit-Filled Boeing 777s Lands In Sheffield To Ease National Biscuit Shortage

*Goes to shop and stocks up on biscuits immediately*

2 Biscuit-Filled Boeing 777s Lands In Sheffield To Ease National Biscuit Shortage

by Alyss Bowen |
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Remember back in December when floods caused United Biscuits factory to close and suddenly there was a shortage of popular McVitie's biscuits ? Yeah, that happened. But apparently it’s all cool, because Emirates SkyCargo flew in this morning to save the day.

The cargo team at Doncaster Sheffield Airport were ready and waiting - presumably with cups of tea at the ready - for two Boeing 777 aircrafts full of biscuits. Panic over, everyone can calm down and eat your biscuits, cookies, whatever you want to call them.

Obviously the readers of Reddit have lots to say on the matter. Some seem to have got a little bit confused about the use of the word ‘cookie’ and others have really strong feelings on this biscuit shortage...

1. This guy got really mad about the use of the word ‘cookie’, so mad he doesn’t even know what one is…

'Cookie? What the hell is a cookie, and what does it have to do with biscuits?'

(Via LordSepulchrave)

2. The conspiracy theorist

'Has anyone actually been affected by this supposed biscuit shortage? I was in Asda yesterday and there were loads of biscuits.'

(Via Jong123)

3. We feel you, mate

'The biscuits will kill me in the end… I know that…'

(Via Moon_On_A_Stick)

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