Best Tinder Openers: 25 Tinder Openers That Make Us Say Yes

Best Tinder Openers: 25 Tinder Openers That Make Us Say Yes

    By Kat de Naoum Posted on 12 Jun 2015

    On the lookout for the cleverest Tinder openers? Whether it’s a terrible opening gif, a weird choice of emoji or just a bad chat up line, most people get it wrong, unlike these chaps, who were (almost) all on to total winners…

    Sometimes though, while getting it wrong, they happen to be cute. We’ve chosen 19 of the best Tinder openers that (a) put a smile on our face, (b) made us LOL (in a good way) and (c) didn’t make us vomit.

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    Some dos and don’ts on Tinder


    •Introduce yourself (DUH) and be polite (e.g. ‘Hi there. This was a nice surprise! I’m a lawyer and live in London. How about you?‘)

    •Comment nicely on one of their photos (ie ‘You look lovely in the photo where you are in the white trousers’. NOT ‘I love that pic of you in the white trousers. It would look good on my bedroom floor’).

    •Be patient. Unlike some, Tinder may not be the number-one thing in their life. No need to freak out. Be cool.


    •Be monolectic. Saying a simple, “hi”, “hello,” or “whassup,” makes you easy to ignore and forget.

    •Go ape-shit on her if she doesn’t reply immediately. It won’t get her to like you. This is not primary school. If your ego is sore because she didn’t respond, an ‘unmatch’ is all that is needed.

    •Go in straight for the sex talk. Asking if she wants anal in your first sentence isn’t the way to go. Shhh, trust us on this.

    The main thing is to keep it simple. If you’ve made a match, you’ve pulled! A cheesy pick-up line or a douchey comment makes you look like an arse. Stop asking if it hurt when we fell from heaven and just start a normal conversation. Maybe, just maybe, you might get lucky.

    Now, go forth and Tinder.

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