A 15-Year-Old Japanese Girl Killed And Dismembered Her Friend

This is really gruesome


by Fiona Byrne |
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A 15-year-old Japanese schoolgirl allegedly killed her friend and classmate in a gruseome attack over the weekend, and cut off her head and hand afterwards.

Aiwa Matsuo, 15, was found on a bed, decapitated and missing a hand, in the apartment of the suspect on Sunday morning. She’d left her house Saturday afternoon to go and meet her friends and when she didn’t come home her parents called the police.

The suspect reportedly attacked Aiwa from behind, hitting her over the head over a dozen times and then strangling her. She lived alone in the apartment following the death of her mother last year. Her father reportedly remarried and lives in another part of Sasebo.

She reportedly confessed to police that she killed her friend, saying: ‘I did it all by myself.’

Friends interviewed by the Japan Times told the paperthat she was very smart, but would frequently cry during arguments and had shown signs of being ‘emotionally unstable’.

The tools that were used in the crime were apparently next to the girl on the bed where she was found.

The teens were friends and attended the same high school but the name of the suspect is not being released as she is a minor.

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