12 Year-Old Girl Is Not Mentally Stable Enough To Stand Trial In Slender Man Attempted Murder Case

She believes she can do the Vulcan Mind Meld and that Voldemort is a real person


by Fiona Byrne |

A 12-year-old who stabbed her friend 19 times has been deemed unfit for trial after being mentally assessed by the US court system.

The child, who is being tried as an adult for attempted murder, conspired for months with another 12-year-old girl to kill their friend to please a mythical online character known as Slender Man.

They invited the girl for a sleepover and the next day the three of them went to some local woods where the two girls stabbed their victim in a frenzy.

‘She presently lacks substantial mental capacity to rationally and factually understand her charge and be a meaningful assistance in her defence,’ Dr. Brooke Lundbohm told the court.

The girl’s behaviour included rambling nonsensically and laughing hysterically during her assessment in June. She says she believes in unicorns and that she can actually do the Vulcan mind meld from Star Trek. She also believes Voldemort from Harry Potter is a real person and calls him ‘Voldy.’

A second doctor who examined the child – Dr Kenneth Robbins – said Geyser thinks she needs to be careful about speaking about Slender Man in case he harms her or her family.

Her parents said she’s a bright student and had never shown symptoms of strange or violent behaviour, except on one ocassion when she showed up in class with a mallet.

Both girls appeared in court on Friday. The mentally ill girl was relaeased to Wisconsin’s Department of Health and will undergo treatment to attempt to make her fit enough to stand trial.

Both 12-year-olds are on trial as adults, as the state of Wisconsin allows anyone older than 10 who's suspected of severe crimes to be tried as an adult. The girl’s lawyer wants to get her case moved to juvenile court. He can also plead insanity as her defence.

The case returns to court in November where her mental state will be assessed by the judge.

A probable cause hearing is scheduled next month for the second suspect in the case. A mental assessment has not been requested for her.

The victim, also 12, survived the attack and was able to crawl to the roadside where a cyclist found her and called for help. Her family says she's doing well.

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