11 Reasons Why Women-Only Carriages Were And Still Are A Bad Idea

How's about we go for the bad guys and get them to change, instead of the other way around?

11 Reasons Why Women-Only Carriages Were And Are Still A Bad Idea

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Do you remember 2015? Do you remember that time? When Jeremy Corbyn was on the ascendant and then he went and suggested that women-only carriages would be one of his solutions to the annoying agony that is modern-day British public transport?

We had a lot to say about it then, and we'll remind you of that later, but the reason we're even summoning this shitshow is because a shadow minister - allied to Corbyn - has said that the women-only carriages idea should be floated again.

Floated in a toilet, we say. Chris Williamson dredged up the nonsense idea again, citing a rise in reports of sexual assaults on public transport over the past five years. He told PoliticsHome: 'It would be worth consulting about it.It was pooh-poohed, but these statistics seem to indicate there is some merit in examining that.'

'Complemented with having more guards on trains, it would be a way of combating these attacks, which have seen a very worrying increase in the past few years.'

Now, let's get this straight. Considering the ridiculous cost of trains in the UK, Corbyn's plan to renationalise them might not be a bad one. With the government in charge of railways, things might run a lot smoother, and cheaper. Being able to whizz people all over the country cheaply isn't a bad idea.

But women-only train and tube carriages? As a way of cutting down on sexual violence? Well, This is what we said then:

    And of course, we have some extra points to add. Drumroll, please.

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