24 Signs Coffee Is Your One True Love

24 Signs Coffee Is Your One True Love


by Lauren Smith |
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  1. You smell coffee as soon as you wake up

  2. This struggle.

  1. You think tea is for wimps.

  2. You imposed a ban of silence in your house until you've had your fist cup of the day. No-one can speak to you until you are adequately caffeinated.

  1. Your bank manager had words about how 30% of your wages are spent on takeaway cups of coffee. You argued it was a non-negotiable expense.

  2. You're a bit of a coffee bore, and constantly claim you were the first to discover the artisan cafe that opened in your neighbourhood.

  3. Your daily excuse for running late: "Sorry, the queue in Starbucks was a bitch"

  4. "Pro-caffeinating "is a thing.

  1. Your proudly share any news story claiming coffee is good for you. And ignore any saying it's not.

  2. You realised those heart palpitations and shaking hands are just coffee's way of reminding it OWNS YOU. But you still go back for more.

  3. You rarely partake in a coffee run - because you don't trust anyone to get it right.

  4. Baristas rolls their eyes when you enter a coffee shop - what, you're just REALLY specific with your order!

  5. You snort with disgust when you see someone buy a frappucino (although you have been known to buy one before when hungover).


  1. You will sometimes drink the gross instant coffee in the office kitchen out of sheer desperation.

  2. When you've got a headache, you think more coffee is the solution.


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