10 Million Of Us Are Now Using Happn

Happn is happening in the world of dating apps. But what the hell is so special about it?

10 Million Of Us Are Now Using Happn

by Eve Simmons |

It only launched in 2014 and already French-based dating app, Happn has reached the 10 Million user milestone, it was announced on Wednesday. The app’s creators are thrilled, as these latest figures mean they’re bang on target to reach their goal of 30 million Happn users by the end of this year. Deemed one of the fastest growing dating apps, Happn’ recruit more than 1.5 million new users every month globally, which means a 66 per-cent increase over the last quarter alone.

So what the hell is so special about it? For the Happn virgins, here’s the short spiel:

It kinda works like Tinder, in that you swipe left or right to make your all-important choice. However, the genius of Happn is that the selection of ‘mates’ is made up of people who you’ve crossed paths with at some point in the day. Basically, every time you walk past a fellow ‘Happn’ user, their profile appears on your app and you can swipe them up real nice (if you actually fancy them). The idea is that your potential lover has definitely been within 800 feet of you at some point during your day and therefore, they’re not technically a total random..although they still kind of are.

Obviously, the more the same user pops up on your screen, the more likely they are to have a close connection to you in your everyday life. For all you know, you could be walking past the love of your life every time walk to the tube station - who knows?! Could it be Johnny from Starbucks who makes your morning Latte? Maybe it’s Dean, the guy from the office post-room who ALWAYS has bogies? Hopefully not.

Anyway, you get the idea.

In celebration of the popularity explosion, Happn’ have introduced a brand new voice feature as part of the app, which allows you to send one-minute long audio clips to your matches. A little bit creepy, but also weirdly kind of hot.

If you want to see if Benny the bus driver is indeed your betrothed, download the app and make it Happn’ (sorry, again).

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