‘Here’s Why You Should Teach Your Children To Manifest’

After her book about manifesting became a worldwide hit, beloved by celebrities, Nafousi has turned her attention to instilling the practice in children.

Manifest for kids Roxie Nafousi

by Roxie Nafousi |
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As parents, all we want for our children is for them to be happy, confident, and secure. We want them to move through the world feeling unafraid to be themselves and with the resilience we know they will need to navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs. But as much as we try to remind them of how special and wonderful they are, we can’t control what happens behind the school gates or the ways in which social media will impact them.

This is one of the reasons why I wrote this book (MANIFEST For Kids!), and why I felt such a sense of urgency in delivering it. I wanted to give children a guide that they could use to help them as they journey through those precious years from six to 12 where they are finding their place in the world and their self-worth and sense of identity is being built. I could think of no better way to support a child, than to introduce them to manifesting.

Manifestation is a self-development practice, and a way of living. It is rooted in self-worth and empowerment and has the power to transform lives. It has completely changed every aspect of my own life for the better, and hundreds of thousands of other people across the globe will say the same. It is my absolute belief that everybody can manifest, and the younger people learn how to do it, the better.

Think about it like this, how many of us are now embarking on healing journeys trying to undo the damage from our childhoods? Imagine how differently our lives would have turned out if we had learned about self-development back then? I know that, personally, all my years of depression and addiction stemmed from those early years and I am still working through many of the experiences I was unable to process at the time.

First, let me explain how I would describe manifesting to kids: Manifesting is using the power of your mind to change your life. To manifest means to make it happen. It can help you to feel happier, become the best you, cope with challenges and set & reach goals. It’s like learning your very own super-power.

In my book, MANIFEST for Kids! I take kids through four steps to becoming the best them:

  1. Understanding Emotions

  2. Self-Belief and Confidence

  3. Gratitude

  4. Goal-Setting

Within all of these steps, I introduce self-development practices that will last them a lifetime. For example, in step one, I teach them how to identify how they are feeling and give them ‘emotions toolboxes’ to help them cope with those trickier emotions like guilt, anger, sadness, fear, embarrassment and worry. Some of these tools include positive affirmations, breathing exercises, journaling and more.

By learning to manifest, they will have tools that they can use to support them through challenging times, help them to develop a more positive mindset, cultivate an attitude of gratitude, and understand how to set and reach goals. All of which are key life skills that will give them the best opportunity to thrive in life.

I know that it is overwhelming being a parent juggling all the responsibilities of our own lives whilst also making sure our kids eat right, sleep enough, get to school on time, do their homework, and then ensure we support their emotion well-being. I truly hope this book makes the latter a little easier for you and your family.

MANIFEST For Kids! by Roxie Nafousi is published on 28th September by Puffin

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