John Lewis & Partners’ New Range For Nurseries Starts At Just £3 (With Cots For £70)

From changing tables to sleepsuits, this new collection has everything you need – and it's affordable, too.


by Hannah Banks-Walker |
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Preparing for a new baby is an expensive business. From finding a cot to stocking a wardrobe with enough clothes, sleepsuits and nappies, it can be an overwhelming process both emotionally and financially. As one of the UK's most popular destinations for those looking to furnish a nursery, John Lewis & Partners knows this all too well, which is why it has just launched a new range dedicated to creating high quality, affordable pieces for all aspects of your life.

John Lewis' nursery furniture
John Lewis' new ANYDAY range

Called ANYDAY, the range will include homeware and technology but possibly most impressive of all is the baby care offering, which includes lovely furniture, cute clothes and practical items, all starting at just £3 (for baby scissors). The most expensive item is the Elementary Dresser, which is £150.

The range has been developed based on customer insight John Lewis & Partners received, which suggested that there weren't enough homeware options at lower price points. Pippa Wicks, executive director at John Lewis, said: 'This range has been specifically designed around how our customers live today. Whatever they need, we will have a product which suits their budget, from space-saving products, cost-effective childrenswear and affordable technology to portable pieces renters can take with them when they move. This launch is a return to our commitment to offer great value for money, but it’s also an exciting opportunity to build on our strengths and supercharge them for the future.'

john lewis baby bath
John Lewis' ANYDAY range

There are cotbeds for £110 which, given that they are designed for 0-2 years, make for a brilliant investment, while multipacks of organic cotton bodysuits start at £8. It is, in short, everything you love about John Lewis at significantly lower prices.

When shops open on April 12, you can even go into a John Lewis store and receive expert advice. As the brand explains: 'Baby & Beyond is a one hour, free of charge nursery appointment. Our current offering focuses primarily on pre-birth so we have developed an appointment that supports parents with their next purchases as their baby enters the ‘child development stage’, from four months to four years. Topics to discuss with one of our experts include weaning & feeding, playing, sleeping, buggies & travel, car seats and safety & baby-proofing.'


SHOP: ANYDAY At John Lewis & Partners' Affordable Nursery Range

Elementary Dresser, £1501 of 15

Elementary Dresser, £150

Bath Toy Bag, £62 of 15

Bath Toy Bag, £6

Pack of 2 Hooded Towels, £123 of 15

Pack of 2 Hooded Towels, £12

Natural Bath Sponge, £3.504 of 15

Natural Bath Sponge, £3.50

Baby Scissors, £35 of 15

Baby Scissors, £3

Organic Cotton Giraffe Sleepsuit Pack of 3, £146 of 15

Organic Cotton Giraffe Sleepsuit Pack of 3, £14

Car Sun Blind Pack of 2, £127 of 15

Car Sun Blind Pack of 2, £12

Organic Cotton Giraffe Print Dungaree Set, £168 of 15

Organic Cotton Giraffe Print Dungaree Set, £16

Toddler Bed, £709 of 15

Toddler Bed, £70

Changing Backpack, £4510 of 15

Changing Backpack, £45

Elementary Single Wardrobe, £13011 of 15

Elementary Single Wardrobe, £130

Organic Cotton Elephant Print Dress, £712 of 15

Organic Cotton Elephant Print Dress, £7

Elementary Cot, £7013 of 15

Elementary Cot, £70

Elementary Changing Table, £5914 of 15

Elementary Changing Table, £59

Organic Cotton Animal Faces Sleeveless Bodysuit, £815 of 15

Organic Cotton Animal Faces Sleeveless Bodysuit, £8

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