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I love Fashion Week - and September fashion week always feels like a big one, it’s like going into a new school year, well-rested after the summer and eager to get stuck into some new energy. I’m always over excited to wriggle my body into the next season’s looks…

But last September, Fashion Week was a little different for me: I was 11 weeks pregnant and although I didn’t have much of a bump yet, my body was changing. None of my bras fit anymore and my boobs already felt enormous. I was trying desperately to squeeze them into a stunning embroidered Erdem showpiece but there was absolutely no chance. I had to cancel my attendance with a heavy heart - and a heavier chest. This was the moment I realised I was going to have to change the way I dressed.

This little growing bubba in my tummy will be my first child. I have wanted to be a mum since I found out that my body was capable of creating life. It took a hell of a long time to get here am I am over the moon to be experiencing my changing body. I have always been so passionate about body positivity and the idea of loving all of my curves. It has been the ethos of my entire career: not fitting into the mould and loving my natural form. Pregnancy feels like an extension of that. Learning to love all my new lumps and bumps because I am growing a very precious little life within them. With that in mind I have been shifting the way I dress a little.

I find that I am at my most confident when I am comfortable and my experience dressing during pregnancy has certainly cemented that in me. I was so surprised that having seams over my bump caused more intense nausea: this little baby of mine seems to have a taste for luxurious fabrics. So I’ve been living in soft fabric jumpsuits (I’ve been loving the ones by Bumpsuit and Hatch) with soft knitwear over the top when it’s a little more chilly.

I also had to shift my workout gear. Natal Active and Jorgen House have been a huge help - not only do they support my growing bump and breasts, they care about the planet and are sustainable and thoughtful in their business.

I’ve been so excited to wear body-con dresses because as a dear friend of mine pointed out during my early pregnancy, it’s the first time in life as a woman that we don’t have that pressure to sit up straight and hold ourselves in.

I have been wearing maternity clothes for comfort but I have been delighted that when going to events that designers have been so accommodating to lend their pieces in a larger size. Back in November I had the joy of fitting my bump into some Valentino Pink suit trousers with a matching top and coat, and in the run up to Christmas a bright purple body-con number by Silvia Astore.

I have, of course, had to edit and change certain ‘looks’ - I was so ecstatic to wear a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier soft pink dress from the 90s but although it fit over my tummy, my boobs just wouldn’t stay inside the cups and I had to admit defeat.

I think we can all agree that Rihanna disrupted the idea of maternity dressing completely and I am so grateful. She has definitely been my inspiration for dressing up throughout my pregnancy. Ever since those pictures of her gracing the Dior show in Paris came out, it was clear that a blossoming bump could be the ultimate fashion accessory.

Another maternity fave is Blake Lively - she always looks elegant and that carries through every one of her pregnancies.

Since my second trimester I felt like I found me groove with maternity dressing. I’m loving all-in-ones (Clary & Pegmake gorgeous sustainable dungarees which I have fallen in love with) with knitwear and big coats (thank you to Raey for making my favourite pregnancy leopard print oversized winter coat). I have also accepted that Ugg boots are so comfortable that it’s actually a luxury to leave the house in them. I’m experimenting with brighter colours than I would have pre-pregnancy and I’m leaning into that.

This pregnancy is an education in so many ways, and I am loving the style evolution it has catalysed in me. By day I am embracing sportswear and chic comforts; by night I am being a little bolder and trying to take a leaf out of bad gal Riri’s book. I’m not saying the hefty bump doesn’t come without it’s challenges but I’m enjoying the ride. And my goodness I can’t wait til this little bubba is here & we can wear matching outfits. Yup. I’m going to be one of those mums.

Daisy is walking in Oxfam's Fashion Fighting Poverty show at London Fashion Week. Oxfam fashion raises crucial funds for poverty-fighting work around the world. Together we can save lives; go to oxfam.org.uk

MAIN IMAGE: Photography by Kosmas Pavlos. Styling by Bay Garnett. Daisy wears Azzedine Alaïa leopard body, £200, Oxfam.

Photographer's assistants - Luke Johnson, Grant Hamilton. Stylist's assistant - Faye McGuiness. Hair - Shekel Murtaza at The Only Agency. Makeup - Kenneth Son at The Wall Group

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