I Tried The AI Baby Monitor Designed To Give Parents Total Peace Of Mind – But Is It Worth It?

We've put it to the test.

CuboAI baby monitor review

by Jade Moscrop |
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When preparing for life with a new baby, it's easy to feel utterly overwhelmed. Along with all of the things you'll need to research and buy, your ever-growing to-do list before baby arrives, and the many, many TikToks that seem to have infiltrated your FYP to bring you Even More Things You Hadn't Considered Yet™️, while you're scrolling at 2 am, you're also bound to be thinking about all of the sounds, signs and signals you need to look out for as you get to know your baby, and to make sure they are healthy and have everything they need.

While many items on your shopping list might be deemed 'must-haves', in reality, you'll soon become savvy about what you do and don't need. One thing that all parents agree is a non-negotiable, though, is a baby monitor. That isn't, though, where the job ends. With so many brilliant options on the market, how do you know which one's for you? If the end goal is peace of mind (which we all concur is the dream, right?), you might have been weighing up one of the many smart baby monitors on the market, designed to do more than alert you to just noise or movement.

One product that's making waves in the parenting world is the CuboAi Smart Baby Monitor, which can go far above traditional baby monitors. But is it worth splashing the cash on? We decided to put it to the test.

CuboAi Plus Smart Baby MonitorCuboAi
Price: £169 (was £219)


  • Covered-face and rollover detection
  • Breathing motion detection
  • Danger Zone detection
  • Sleep analytics
  • Built-in lullabies
  • 18-hour playback with event tags
  • Body temperature detection
  • Cough detection
  • Temperature and humidity detection
  • Excellent design


  • App subscription fee after first year
  • Has to be plugged in (no wireless option)

What makes the CuboAi so special?

Less baby monitor, more babysitter, CuboAi's detection tech allows you to be notified when your baby's face is covered, if they roll over, cry or cough, all in crystal clear 1080p HD video, day and night.

It detects temperature and humidity, has a built-in night light, and plays lullabies, eliminating the need for separate gadgets. Plus, it has two-way audio, so you can soothe your baby if they stir in the night.

CuboAi baby monitor in box
©Jade Moscrop/Grazia

You'll get 18 hours of video playback with event tags (similar to how your video doorbell logs events), and with sleep analytics, you can review a full report in the morning or after a nap to see how well-rested your little one is.

Cubo's AI can detect if baby is smiling, moving or stretching and capture those moments for you, stored in the app, and you can even create a moments wall - a digital scrapbook, if you will - for you to look back on. Up to eight family members can be added to your network, allowing you to share those moments with your nearest and dearest.

Finally, you can rest assured that your data is secure as it's CTIA Cybersecurity Certified. Quite a lot going on, right?

Unboxing and assembly

The CuboAi is good to go straight out of the box, and took me around 25 minutes from start to finish to set up, including downloading the app. There are three set-up variants to choose from - floor stand, crib mount or mobile stand. I opted for the floor stand, as I like that it sits neatly above the crib or cot and gives you a bird's eye view.

CuboAi baby monitor unboxing
©Jade Moscrop/Grazia

All of the sections clip together easily, and the wire threads nicely through the sections, keeping the cable tidy, which I really liked. It's cleverly designed, and each part is well thought-out, making it sturdy and nice to look at - even though it is a tiny robot owl watching over your child.


Once I was up and running, I connected the camera to WiFi via the app, which took around 60 seconds, and I was streaming live to my phone in no time.

My baby hasn't actually arrived yet, so while I can't test all of the features (like face cover and rollover detection) for an extended period of time, I was able to check through each of the alerts with the help of a friend and her baby. Each feature seemed to work well, notifying you with a sweet peeping sound from your phone.

CuboAi review bassinet
©Grazia/Jade Moscrop

The crystal-clear quality of the video and sound are seriously impressive, and the set-up of both the kit and the app, as well as the user experience of the app are brilliant. The night vision is exceptionally high-quality compared to other baby monitors on the market. The temperature and humidity dongle seem accurate, and the fact that there's no visible red light helps your baby to sleep uninterrupted.

App subscription

All of this glorious tech doesn't come without a catch, but you won't need to purchase anything extra until after the first year. All purchases of CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor come with one year of CuboAi Care Premium Plan included, which begins when you pair your product to the CuboAi App for the first time - so don't pair your product until you're ready for it to begin. After the year ends, you'll have access to all the basic camera functions, or you can choose to resubscribe for a fee.

CuboAi app
©Grazia/Jade Moscrop


The CuboAi baby monitor is great for tech-savvy parents or those who are feeling anxious about bringing their baby home and want additional peace of mind through one clever gadget. With a smart app that lets you monitor and communicate with your child, special features such as face recognition for safety alerts, a way to check your nursery temperature and humidity from your phone, lullabies, white noise and more, it certainly has a lot going for it.

The video is unbelievably clear, and the night vision is equally as sharp. Being able to add family members to the app to see your baby is a really nice touch, especially if they live far away.

The baby monitor could benefit from having a wireless option to make it easier to use when travelling or for those who don't have a plug socket near their crib, but this isn't necessarily a deal-breaker.

While the premium service that gives you access to all of the clever features is free for the first year, there is a fee after that, but the CuboAi team continually works on its tech, and its support team has excellent reviews, so some would argue that it's worth paying for.

At £169, I think it's great value for money, sitting in the mid-range of the market. When you take into account all of the insights and features you'll be getting for the first year, plus the quality of the build, the playback, and how versatile it is, I think plenty of parents would be delighted to have this as their baby monitor of choice.

CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor reviewCuboAi
Price: £169 (was £219)

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