How To Have A Covid-Safe Children’s Party

Restrictions may be lifted, but not everyone is comfortable eating cake that a child has blown on

Children's party

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Charlie Herod, of party planning directory, shares their guide to children’s parties in the Covid era.

The Venue

Despite many parties being made up of children that spend weekdays in a classroom together, conscientious parents may still want to hold parties outdoors, or where there is greater ventilation.

For those who have a garden, hiring bouncy castles or softplay provide an easy, hassle-free solution to keep little ones entertained for a few hours. There are now many companies that will hire this equipment, as well as arrange delivery and collection. Most of the businesses we work with have strict cleaning policies, but it is always worth checking before booking.

Of course, being the UK you can never guarantee the weather. If you do decide to hold the party at a local hall or sports club, as opposed to a garden, check to see whether they have any outdoor, undercover space available so activities can take place outside.

The Entertainment

Once you’ve sorted the venue, it’s time to turn attention to how to keep the little ones entertained.

If you want something more than a bouncy castle, then there are hundreds of options out there. From all-round entertainers who initiate games, dancing, magic and a disco to companies that have a specific niche. Examples we have seen include fire engine parties, science parties and companies that bring exotic animals for the children to learn about.

Most companies have had to become ‘Covid friendly’ and have adapted their services accordingly. Ask what policies they have in place to keep your guests safe.

The Food

In a post pandemic environment, the traditional party buffet may not be so appealing as it once was! When it is time for the children to eat, it may be an idea to ask little ones to take a seat and bring pre-prepared plates of food to them.

If you are not providing the catering yourself, there are many companies out there that can provide this service for you. Some have specific packages you can select from, others will tailor something for you.

We have also seen an increase in parties where children are asked to bring their own drinks bottles. You can still provide juice, but this reduces the risk of children mixing up their drinks.

The Cake

No party is complete without cake. One area we’ve seen grow over the years are the number of quality cake companies who offer the most imaginative and creative designs.

Where possible, create a bit more space around the cake and the children when they are singing Happy Birthday. Also, try to avoid traditional candles: there are lots of sparkler alternatives available, which look really impressive. Many companies can provide a smaller cupcake to the side where your little one can blow out a candle, as opposed to the main cake!

The Party Bag

Another area where we have seen an explosion of creativity in is the treats party guests take away with them. Traditional bags with little toys and a slice of cake are still very welcome. However, there are companies that can provide party bags for you that are specific to your party’s theme, or even personalised iced biscuits.

Placing more emphasis on the contents of the party bag, as opposed to having bowls of sweets for example, will help keep any Covid spread to a minimum.

If you are looking to plan the perfect kids’ party, head over to Kids Party Finder where you can discover great local companies providing memorable party experiences in your area.

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