Camilla Thurlow’s Honesty About Her Daughter Not Meeting Certain Milestones Is Refreshing

Parents have praised the former Love Island star for sharing that her daughter Nora is developing slower than her first child.


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Since becoming a mother in 2020, Camilla Thurlow has often been open about the realities of parenting. And now, fans are praising the star for highlighting the important fact that all children develop at their own pace. The former Love Island star, who is currently expecting her third child with husband Jamie Jewitt, recently shared a post online that revealed her struggle to get her two-year-old daughter Nora walking and talking

Telling followers that her daughter was ‘on her own timeframe,’ Camilla – who is also mum to Nell, three – wrote, ‘When I shared recently about Nora starting to crawl at 20 months (and not yet walking) I got a lot of messages from mums who have been feeling worried, or isolated, as the majority of what they see on here are other babies reaching certain milestones.’

‘It really got me thinking, because I shared a lot of "firsts" with Nell without even really realising I was doing it. I would just want to share how cute she was using her fork, or be so excited she’d said mama and was making funny babbling sounds.’

Insisting that she ‘loves to see those posts,’ Camilla explained that, although unintentionally, it may be isolating to those parents whose babies are yet to reach certain milestones.

‘Having a second child on a very different timeframe has reminded me how much easier it is (without even realising you’re doing it) to fill a square, or story, with something that someone is doing rather than isn’t doing,’ she said. ‘I don’t share so many of those moments with Nora and it’s not because she’s our second child, it is simply because we haven’t shared those moments in real life yet.'

Camilla, who welcomed Nora in May 2022, revealed that she and Jamie were still working on the toddler's 'cutlery and practical skills,' adding, ‘She doesn’t speak – about 8 months ago she said “Dada” for the first time and then overnight she stopped and hasn’t said it since. She has never said "Mama"’

Camilla went on to say that she and Jamie were nothing but 'proud' of her daughter, despite the pressures on parents to ensure their children meet milestones at certain times.

‘I want Nora to know she can be a baby for as long as she wants or needs to,’ Camilla shared, adding ‘The last thing I want is for her to grow up thinking that life is a race, or that she needs to be the fastest, smartest, funniest or loudest person in the room to be worthy of love.’

Offering advice to other worried parents, she said, ‘Sometimes we can only do our best, but there’s more than enough love to take care of the rest.’

Camilla and Jamie
Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt, 2019 ©David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Under the post, plenty of Camilla’s 1.4m followers were quick to thank the Love Island star for her refreshing honesty. Tracey Beaker star Dani Harmer commented, ‘Both of mine were very much on their own timeframe! And my eldest is now nearly eight and thriving at school, even ahead of where she should be in some subjects! They all get to where they need to be in their own time.’

Another parent wrote, ‘My son didn’t stand up on his own until 20 months and didn’t walk till he was two years and one week. People were really not kind in their comments about him and I stopped taking him to certain gatherings… it made me feel very lonely. Thank you for speaking up about this.’

‘I really needed this,’ shared a third. ‘As my daughter is nearly 18 months old and can’t stand on her own or walk yet. When I see other children her age or even younger running around, it really does make you doubt everything. But I’m learning to realise that every child is different and they will do it in their own time.’

Also in the comments of Camilla’s posts were plenty of medical professionals reassuring parents that not every child will develop on the same timeframe.

‘Paediatrician here,’ wrote Dr Rachael Barr, @thekidsdoctor on Instagram. ‘Thank you so much for sharing this. I see so many parents who feel so isolated and alone in their child not meeting milestones at the same time as other children, and although they aren’t alone at all, it’s so hard to convince people of that...Anyone with a big voice sharing a story full of so much love, compassion, and support really helps.’

recent study found that 6 in 10 parents worried about their babies meeting developmental milestones. Although the NHS lays out brief timelines for children’s development, it’s only a guide. While one child may not walk at 18 months, they may be running by 19. Milestones themselves are only intended to be rough markers – one of which everyone will have passed by the end of the race.

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