Work Is About To Get A Lot Better Thanks To Facebook

Remember that time your boss saw you passed out drunk on your Facebook Feed?


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Every time Facebook gets itself in the news, it’s for something negative, such as privacy violations or taking down pictures of women breastfeeding, or erm, giving birth.

Today’s Facebook news, however, is slightly more positive. According to a report in The Financial Times over the weekend, Facebook is secretly working on Facebook At Work, a social networking site for people erm, at work. Obviously. The site’s supposedly going to look the same as your normal Facebook, but you’ll be able to separate your personal and professional posts.

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While Facebook hasn’t yet commented on the report that came out over the weekend, we’ve got our fingers and toes crossed that the whole thing’s true. Nothing, but nothing is worse than a friend request popping up from anyone at work who’s not your best friend.

Worst case scenario, it’s your boss – the last person you want to see that picture your friend tagged of you passed out on a table in a club. At best, it’s that dude from marketing who’s got a very extensive picture archive of his cosplay efforts which keep showing up on your newsfeed.

Plus, it’s not like you can’t accept these friend requests; you see these people every day IRL, and the awkwardness of you both knowing you ignored their request? Too much to bear.

Anyways, with Facebook at Work, it sounds like those days might be over. Not only does it put a stop to that age-old problem of having to share your private life with your professional one, but the new site is purported to allow you to share documents, chat with co-workers and connect with others – sort of like a Linked In, Google Docs, MSN mash up. Which sounds pretty cool.

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