Woman ‘Asked To Leave’ Costa Coffee After Wearing Sports Bra and Gym Kit

Woman Asked To Leave Costa Coffee After Wearing Sports Bra and Gym Kit


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A woman says she was asked to leave a branch of Costa Coffee for wearing leggings and a sports bra.

Davina Ward, a personal trainer who lives in Kensington, was in the Sutton branch of the coffee shop chain and sitting with a friend when a member of staff asked her to cover up, according to The Mirror.

Ms Ward said she had nothing to 'cover herself' up with, and so said she was asked to leave (although the staff have denied this) - and that they were reluctant to refund her the coffees.

Needless to say, Davina felt humilated and wasn't happy about her treatment:

"I've never been so angry in my life... I'm absolutely fuming.

"Why would they let me sit down and then embarrass me by telling me to leave?"

She added that her gym kit is what she wears every day, and it had never been a problem before - or in the other places she visited after the incident (Nandos and Starbucks).

"It wasn't the fact they asked me to leave but the woman that served me was the one that asked me to leave," she told ITV London.

"If she had a problem she should have only allowed me to takeaway. I was not sweaty as I was only learning technique with my friend when I was training."

"I spend all my life in my gym kit, that's how I get most of my business" she added.

"I feel like I've been thrown out on the basis of being fit and healthy."

Costa Coffee has apologised for any offence caused and said it was going to investigate the incident.

What do you think of Davina's treatment - should she be asked to 'cover up' her gym kit? Or was this a form of body shaming? Let us know @grazia_live.

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