YOU TELL US: Do You Avoid ‘Post-Instagram’ Outfits?

YOU TELL US: Do You Avoid 'Post-Instagram' Outfits?


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Whether you just share the occasional foot selfie (felfie?) or you're a fully paid up contributer to #ootd (that's 'outfit of the day' if you've been away for the past three years), there's no denying that social media has changed the way we dress. Or, at the very least, how other people look at the way we dress.

And our determination to get the perfect outfit post, it seems, is having a profoundly positive effect on the fashion industry. Since now we're so aware of our looks, and so used to seeing ourselves on (tech) screen, there's been a natural shift in the way we focus on fashion - and how we consume clothes.

Amongst other things, it's made clothing even more disposable. In fact, so much so that a third of women now consider clothes to be "old" after wearing them three times, according to a new study published last month. And, what's more, one in seven women blamed the Facebook effect - saying that photo-sharing social media like Instagram and Twitter meant they were uncomfortable being seen in the same outfits more than once.

So, we're asking - are you? Answers below please.

Do you avoid wearing outfits again after you've Instagrammed them?

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