This Video Of Lamilly Pretty Much Shows Every Girl’s Thought Process Before Getting Into A Bikini

Hey, Society! We've all got imperfections and that's okay


by Chemmie Squier |

You've read how if Barbie were real, she'd be unable to lift her head, only have room for a few of her organs and have to walk on all fours, right? But not the doll Lamilly who was made with standard human body proportions in mind. She even comes with acne, scar and stretch mark stickers to make her even more 'realistic'.

Anyway, after being 'born' in November, the clever people behind Lamilly have now brought out #DoYou, a short video which pretty much addresses every girls (irrational) thoughts about getting into a bikini. Watch her journey and be prepared to shout (aloud or in your head) 'FUCK YEAH, LAMILLY!' as she realises how little of a shit she gives, because we've all got imperfections, and gets down to some beats with her mates.

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