Things Only Your Best Friend Knows About You

Things Only Your Best Friend Knows About You


by Holly Peacock |
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As the saying goes, your best friend is the family you choose for yourself. They are the sibling you never had. You would even go as far to call them your ‘soul mate’. But above all, the characteristic that gets them the BFF crown is their ability to keep ALL your secrets.

We consulted our own buddies to confirm and came up with the Top 9 things that only our BFF knows about us…

  1. Your ‘magic number’. Yes, even the halfs.

  2. That you still know the password to your ex boyfriend's email address. And still participate in a casual stalk. Oh, the SHAME!

  3. Who your favourite parent is.

  4. The most embarrassing moment from secondary school. (The real one, not the one you tell everyone else)

  5. Your actual bank balance. And the overdraft…the credit card…

  6. How you really feel about THAT friend you force yourself to be nice to.

  7. **That you call yourself a feminist but STILL have Blurred Lines on your iPod. (Hey, it’s catchy ok!)

  8. What you look like unshaven, without make-up and braless.

  9. Your touchiest subject. DON’T even go there people!

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