The Kardashians: Does Scott Disick Have The Right To Be Upset That He Is No Longer Invited To Family Events?

Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick had an explosive fight about his lack of involvement in family affairs - but is his outrage fair?

Kendall Jenner Scott Disick

by Aaliyah Harry |

Last night's episode of The Kardashian's went off! We have been anticipating this episode for weeks after seeing a teaser of Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick getting into a heated argument - and last night it certainly delivered. Scott has been on the warpath recently about not being included in intimate family events. Now Kourtney is newly engaged, the internet has been debating wether Scott really has a right to be upset at all.

During last night's episode, Scott confronted Kris Jenner about his invitation status for Thanksgiving dinner and then he called out Kendall for not inviting him to her birthday celebration. 'I didn't really invite anyone to my birthday,' the supermodel explained. 'It was empty.' Scott continued to press that 'everybody came,' Kendall didn't back down, noting that neither Kris nor her sister Kourtney attended the bash before Scott clarified that he was talking about her intimate birthday dinner not her formal birthday party at a club.

After Scott asked for clarity on why he was left out, Kendall snapped, 'That is not my business at the end of the day. Making Kourtney uncomfortable, like, that's not part of my business. I'm so sorry that that makes you sad and I'm not ever trying to leave you out.'

'Kourtney at the end of the day is my sister,' Kendall continued. 'Of course I want her there. This dinner was literally 15 people. If it's an intimate dinner and I'm not willing to have an uncomfortable situation happen.' At this point, Scott cut Kendall off, noting, 'I don't know what you're getting mad about.' To which an angry Kendall said, 'You're mad. And I'm saying sorry.'

'I have not heard you say sorry,' Scott countered, and Kendall stormed off from the conversation. 'This is so f--king ridiculous,' she shouted. 'You won't let me speak, Scott.'

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were together for nearly 10 years. Diehard Kardashian fans will remember the early stages of their relationship in episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Their relationship was extremely turbulent and Scott was toxic - he dabbled in drugs and was caught up in infidelity allegations. Despite the deep issues Scott had, Kourtney held on as a long as she could. However, the couple eventually split up in 2015

As we all know, Kourtney is now engaged to drummer Travis Barker and in her own words is 'happier than she's ever been.' It was euphoric for fans to see her finally getting her happy ending and regaining her power after such a toxic longterm relationship with Scott. Despite moving on in other relationships (Sophia Richie, Amelia Gray Hamlin etc.) Scott has done all he can to hold Kourtney and her family back from fully moving on. From meddling with Kourtney's ex- boyfriend Younes Bendjima, to just throwing his toys out the pram at any given opportunity - he has not stopped. Kourtney gave him countless opportunities to fix their relationship but at the time he wasn't ready. There are only so many times you can go back to someone and reward bad behaviour.

However, they have three children together and as Kim Kardashian says - once a baby is involved she will try her best to 'keep it cute.' Others will say that Scott has a right to be upset after being included in the family for so long. He has a difficult background and he doesn't have close family - the Kardashians are basically his only family. After his mother and father died in close succession, he leaned on them for support. It is understandable that he feels put out now Kourtney has moved on to a serious relationship while he remains single. He says he will 'always love Kourtney,' which might be the issue - but he is still holding on to romantic feelings which aren't reciprocated.

As the father of her three children, Scott will technically always be family but in what capacity? Co-parenting can be extremely healthy and it seemed to be, when it was on Scott's terms. But now it's on Kourtney's terms he is rebelling. Is Scott in the wrong? Or do the Kardashian's owe him a bit more compassion?

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