YOU TELL US: Do You Flirt Using Emojis?

YOU TELL US: Do You Flirt Using Emojis?


by Grazia |

A new survey by has shown that 54% of users who admitted flirting using emojis had found it led to sex, as opposed to just 31% for the non-emoji types.

This is a pretty bitter pill to swallow if you like to spend your evenings phrasing emotionally demonstrative WhatsApp messages to your Tinder-matches as a method of flirtation, only to be usurped by someone communicating solely in dancing Sinoritas and tongue-lolling winky faces.

So are you more likely to use emojis as a flirtation shorthand to skip all the fuss and get to sex? Or does this stat just show that those unwillingly to have some fun in their messages might not be having as much luck for other reasons? So we're asking you - do you flirt using emojis?

Do you flirt using emojis?

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