See, Sometimes Sex On The First Date Does Work

John Legend's wife Crissy Tiegen happily admits that they hooked up the first day they met


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It's surely a question of choice - do it if you want to; don't if you don't - but the conversation about whether or not first date sex is 'slutty' still rumbles on.

Thank goodness then for romantic crooner John Legend's wife, 28-year-old model Chrissy Tiegen (about whom he wrote our guilty pleasure 'All of Me'), who admits that her and John hooked up within 12 hours of meeting one another. Crissy met her now husband when cast as the love interest in his music video 'Stereo' in 2007. 'We did the music video, we were together for like 12 hours. We spent the entire day together, me in my underwear and him in his full suit and I went to go say good-bye to him, to his hotel and we didn't ever say good-bye that night.'

Aside from the music video cliché whereby she is in her underwear and him, a full suit, Crissy's revelation is pretty joyful, mainly because she is the opposite of ashamed about getting jiggy with it the same calendar day she met her husband. 'Sometimes it works' she beamed, also admitting 'I'm a very free spirit.'

Crissy's known for her honesty - something you don't exactly come to expect from Hollywood. She previously revealed that her and John are members of the mile high club and that her husband loves some 'upper-thigh rubbing'. She's also publicly damned US high street chain Forever 21 for calling her fat on a modelling job when she was younger. 'I hate you Forever 21, you are the worst' she tweeted, after revealing that Forever 21 called her agency and told them that she was fat, whilst she was still in their make-up chair. Fat, she is not. Badass, she is.

Shagging on the first date can end in tears. But so can holding out for 6 months. So cheers to Crissy, for showing that there is no shame in your choice. Now, find us a Legend who can sing about us, too.

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