Science Doesn’t Know If Your Mobile Phone Is Killing Your Or Not

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According to Swedish neuro-oncologist Leif Salford, you’re currently participating in ‘the largest biological experiment ever’ – just by using your phone. Because every day, you hold a high-powered microwave transmitter directly against your head, like pretty much every other human on the planet. According to Salford, and a growing number of scientists, the trouble is that it will decades before we find out if this is safe or not. And by then, it will be too late. All mobile phones generate electromagnetic fields (EMF) and emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR), like most modern electronics – but we don’t press a microwave oven against our temple for lengthy phone sex, or carry a TV remote control around in our pocket all day.

As scientist and Salon writer Martin Blank reports, potential negative effects of EMF exposure (including cancer and Alzheimer’s) can take decades to develop, and meanwhile, the debate rages about this potential danger we’re exposing ourselves to on a grand scale.

‘On the one hand, there are those who urge the adoption of a precautionary approach to the public risk as we continue to investigate the health effects of EMF exposure. This group includes many scientists, myself included, who see many danger signs that call out strongly for precaution,’ says Blank. ‘On the other side are those who feel that we should wait for definitive proof of harm before taking action – the most vocal being representatives of industries who undoubtedly perceive threats to their profits.’

Remember when people thought tobacco was healthy?

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