Pro-Rape Reddit Thread ‘The Philosophy Of Rape’ Aims To Teach Men How To Rape

'These women need to be raped' says new subreddit. Be warned: this doesn't make for comfortable reading.


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'For the good of society, these women need to be raped,' states a new thread on Reddit, called Philosophy of Rape. 'Here, we will teach you how to do it safely.'

Unfortunately, this isn't the world's worst trolling site, its creator is deadly serious. The subreddit (a sub-threat created on insanely popular free internet site Reddit) was created 28 September and aims to be a community for pro-rapers to meet and discuss the ethics of rape, and how to go about raping women. Why? 'Rape served a very important function in mitigating female behaviour and keeping it in check. Back in the time of prehistory, a woman couldn't behave as slutty as she can today, because of the risk of catching the eye of the wrong male,' writes the anonymous creator. 'Like the child with no absolutely no boundaries and no discipline, they may feel they yearn for no rules, but become absolutely lost without an adult to tell them no!'

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With 62 readers, PhilosophyOfRape (no, we won't be linking to it here, but you can find it if you want to really work yourself up into an anger-frenzy) has received and overwhelmingly negative response, ranging from 'THIS IS SO F*CKING STUPID' to 'I think you might have brain problems.' See? Reddit isn't all bad.

Despite the negative comments on the opening statement of the page, this anonymous creator – who calls himself PhilosophyOfRape – has continued posting literature and links that appear to prove the point he is making. Links to Experience Projects confessions about girls who have written about enjoying rape. Famous rapes throughout history, including The Rape Of The Sabine Woman. Studies on sexual arousal during rape. Multiple orgasms through rape. The list goes on.

Thankfully, though, the metrics for the subreddit show that not many people are engaging with it. Aside from to tell him he's wrong in the head, that is. The most pertinent, and worrying, comment comes from a redditor responding to the opening mission statement of the page. They've written: 'This reminds me so much of a year and a half or so ago, with Elliot Rodger. Remember him? The mass killer who wrote something similar to this on Redit [sic?]'

And that's why that, even though the response has been negative, and even though there isn't much engagement, it's a pretty chilling insight into one person's extreme misogyny: 'We're not talking about nuns or grandmothers or humble, married, women of 20 years... we're talking about filthy, unmitigated, sluts. Oblivious and loud. Shameless. Belligerent. Entited. Selfie taking. Tindr-whoring, Teenage-walking-herpes-sores.'


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