Do Period Pants Actually Work Though?

Could this be the answer to your biggest period problems?

Do Period Pants Actually Work Though?

by Alice Carder |
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Earlier this month, a group of women, nay heroes, on their periods wore white trousers and no sanitary products as they free-bled outside parliament in protest at the tampon tax.

I too was on my period, free-bleeding into a pair of THINX I ordered on the internet, which by some sort of fanny magic turned up on the first day of my period. My ongoing mission: to find some alternative to shoving a little white luxury ghost inside my vagina on the regular.

As I fingered the packet, eager to try on my new purchase, I eyed the promise that they were the with suspicion. This wasn’t the first time I’d tried to find an alternative to expensive, landfill-loving sanitary products. No, no – I’d read all about the Mooncup and became its biggest advocate. That was until I tired inserting it into my vagina and panicked so much it wouldn’t come out again, I was reduced to a crying, squatting, swearing mess and decided the trauma just wasn’t worth it.

(NB: I am aware many women have a full-blown love affair with their Mooncup and the fact that I can’t seem to use one makes me feel like slightly less of a woman, so please don’t send me pro-Mooncup abuse. Let’s bleed and let bleed, shall we.)

Anyway, left searching the feminine-wear horizon for the next big thing, I came across THINX – underwear for women with periods. Attracted by the fact that their advertising made headlines for using the word period – I love a troublemaker – I just had to try these miracle pants out for myself.

The pants come in an array of shapes and sizes. I went for the largest – the Hiphugger. I mean, if you can’t be a bit Bridget Jones on your period when can you be!? I’m a size 10-12, but I went for a large rather than medium, partly for comfort, partly because American sizes are always totally out of whack with what I’m expecting and I didn’t want to be squeezing myself into anything tight while on the P, thank-you-very-much.

As I pulled them out of the tiny packaging I was worried I’d made a mistake, they looked huge! However, once on, they proved to be the perfect fit. Phew.

Black and silky with a lace trim, I have to say I actually felt quite sexy, and that’s not something I ever thought I’d be writing as part of this review. The Hiphugger holds two tampons worth of blood. The thongs holds a lot less (half a tampon), as does the ‘Cheeky’ for lighter days (one tampon).

As I only had one pair I needed to be thrifty. I decided I’d wait and try them out for the first time that evening, as I was heading out to a club and was planning on wearing hot pants. What better test of leakage and comfort that shimmying my way across a dance floor barely dressed?

I’m relieved to say they were amazing! Free bleeding was the one! No nasty little fibres irritating my vaginal wall and no damp pad to contend with. All the blood seemed to soak in, leaving me feeling dry and content. I felt like a Pampers ad. The only improvement I’d recommend would be a built-in hot water bottle in the front (take note THINX designer and innovation peoples).

As I rinsed my THINX in the sink back home, I was surprised to see how little blood came out. I don’t know about you, but used tampons have always made me feel like there’s been a world war in my womb. I decided to handwash mine with detergent as I wanted to wear them again as soon as possible and only had one pair. But you can also cold wash them in the machine, once you’ve rinsed out any excess blood.

Sunday morning I cheated on my THINX with a tampon as I was heading to the spa and didn’t want to look like I’d killed something between my legs in the jacuzzi. THINX if you’re reading this, please invent a bikini.

That evening my THINX were clean and dry and ready for action once more. I’d decided to give them the ultimate trial by wearing them to bed. Given that I rotate through every possible internet meme sleeping diagram during my nightly eight hours, I knew they’d have to be leak proof or I’d be regretting the white sheets come morning.

And voila! Not a drop in sight. To be honest, when my period ended this morning I was actually a little disappointed I wouldn’t get to wear my THINX again today. Leaving me to conclude 1. THINX ARE indeed ‘the bomb’ 2. I need to order more pairs immediately and 3. I really must invest in some comfier non-period pants.

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