Paris Hilton Trolled By Alan Sugar AGAIN Wins Before Even Responding

Why exactly doesn't Alan understand Paris's success?

Paris Hilton Trolled By Alan Sugar, Wins Before Even Responding

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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UPDATE: While Paris Hilton spends her summer raking in even more money for her two-month residency at Amnesia in Ibiza, Alan's taken up tweeting her again:

The real hypocrisy? Alan's also been tweeting promo links to nail files and thread lifts, one of which we could imagine Paris Hilton quite enjoying. So we're a bit thrown. Does Alan like women who like to look good? Or does he just want to take all their money?

Alan Sugar, presumably bored of making money by featuring young attractive women on his TV shows and then shouting at them, has decided to berate another young attractive businesswoman, Paris Hilton.

The 68-year-old tweeted her, with a full stop in front so that all of his followers (and not just the tiny amount of people filling the middle of the Venn diagram where ‘Alan Sugar fans’ and ‘Paris Hilton fans’ intersect) could see:

‘.@ParisHilton Hello again Ms Hilton. You never did reply to me about what it is you actually do ? People want to know !’

Now, if Alan (sorry, Lord Alan) is looking for a response, it’s unlikely he’ll get one. Paris is more known for rising above the haters than actually engaging with them. But it’s a shame that he thinks it’s legit to just have a go at her like this. Why’s he doing it? Is it because she’s an heiress who’s never worked a day in her life? Um…nope, she’s worth a good $100 million all of her own making and can command $1 million for every single DJ set she performs.

Is it because she’s made money out of her beauty? Well, it can’t be, because otherwise Sir Alan would also have to berate people like David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo. Is it because the money she gets paid is at an inflated rate? Well, he’d then also need to have a go at, say, Wayne Rooney… or even some of the rich toffs he rubs shoulders with in the House of Lords.

Is it perhaps because she’s a woman? Because the people interested in her are other young women and gay men, and we live in a society where, sadly, the economic power of young women and gay men is laughed off because, well, they’re just silly gals ’n’ gays?

Sir Alan might think there’s an emperor’s new clothes element to Paris’s success, but if he took a second to realise that young women and gay men have a shitload of spending power, he’ll realise that the days of people like him are pretty much numbered. Paris wins this round and she didn’t even have to say a single word.

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