The OC Turns 12 This Year! Look Back At The Best Ever Moments

The OC Turns 12 This Year


by Emma Spedding |
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The OC turns 12 this year! Yep, it was 12 years since Luke uttered the immortal line "Welcome to the OC, b*tch", we discovered McMansions were a thing, and Sandy and Kirsten gave us #relationshipgoals. And while many of the cast have recently spoken out about how actually, life filming Orange County wasn't so great (Mischa Barton, Cam Gigandet AND Tate Donovan have been very vocal about it), we still think the teen drama was one of the greatest to ever hit TV screens.

So in homeage, here's why we'll forever ♥ The OC...

1. For what Seth Cohen did to our iPods

2. For giving us one of the greatest lines in TV history

**3. And the love story of our generation: Marissa x Ryan 4Eva


4. Not forgetting Sandy and Kirsten

**5. Oh, and Seth and Summer **

6. For making us think we could live on nothing but bagels

7. And telling us it's ok to be an adult who can't use an oven

8. Bikram? Whatever. We want to do Yogalates


10. One word: Chrismukkah

11. Marissa Cooper for always making us feel better about our own day

12. Before the Carrie Mathison crying face we had the Marissa Cooper crying face

13. Then there was the bangin' fashion

14. TBH we still want Marissa's Chanel prom dress

15. Who could forget the constant stream of Julie Cooper-isms

16. They had Paris Hilton. Taking a selfie. On a flip phone. And talking about literature.

17. And cute ponies that made us feel better about our own childhood toys

19. And Seth Cohen's one-liners

20. We just won't mention the final few seasons when things got weird.

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