These Mr Men Reimagined For Millenials Are Pretty Much Genius

Mr Emotionally Unable To Commit To A Long Term Relationship, anyone?


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Everyone our age grew up with a favourite Mr Men or Little Miss – the simple, blob-character cast from more than 90 illustrated stories created by Roger Hargreaves. Mine was Little Miss Giggles because she both liked to giggle and had freckles just like mine. Ah, those were simpler times.

But now Mashable writer and illustrator Max Knoblauch has taken on our childhood favourites and updated them for the 20-something jaded sensibilities and the results couldn’t be more spot on. There's Little Miss Live At Home, who hates it but doesn't also mind always having loo roll on hand, and to rival that old-school version of Mr Grumpy, there's Mr Student Loan Debt. sobs

Max explains the project saying: 'The books helped children of the millennial generation easily understand their feelings and emotions and how those affected the lives of others. So why not use the same method as the group ages? We've created a few titles in the Hargreaves style that would help us, as members of Generation Y, understand the people and ideas around us.'

And you know what? He's got it spot on.


Millenial Mr. Men

Little Miss Lives at Home1 of 10

Little Miss Lives at Home

Yes it's a nightmare that you've had to move back in with your parents and your dating life has essentially crumbled in on itself as a result but just look at all the toilet paper you have now! And your clothes are always clean! Independence shmindependence that's what we say.

Mr. Emotionally Unable to Commit to a Long-Term Relationship2 of 10

Mr. Emotionally Unable to Commit to a Long-Term Relationship

Note the apologetic hand gestures and guilty look on his face. Avoid at all costs.

Little Miss Password Godfather3 of 10

Little Miss Password Godfather

It's physically impossible to remember the passwords to the eight million separate accounts demanded of you as a socially function woman in her 20s. This password godfather character would actually save us hours of our lives.

Mr. Brunch4 of 10

Mr. Brunch

Sundays are now our favourite day of the week because the now obligatory brunch meet-up means we can shovel eggs Benedict and Bloody Mary down our throats before midday without fear of judgement. Long live brunch, we say.

Little Miss Danger Selfie5 of 10

Little Miss Danger Selfie

The type of lunatic that tried to take a selfie in the middle of a dual carriageway in front of oncoming traffic. You can usually spot them because they'll be holding a phone above their heads, MySpace style.

Mr. Tumblr Book Deal6 of 10

Mr. Tumblr Book Deal

Whilst you slaved away getting that English degree, Mr Tumblr was busy amassing thousands of followers and a juicy book deal to match. Highly irritating. Not that your jealous about it or anything.

Little Miss Subtweet7 of 10

Little Miss Subtweet

Subtweeting is when someone slags you off on Twitter and you don't even know about it because they haven't @ed you in, The bitchy school girl note of social media land.

Mr. Personal Brand8 of 10

Mr. Personal Brand

The kind of chap who's made up his own hashtag on Instagram which he posts under every single thing he does. The modern day equivalent of Dorian Gray, vain doesn't even begin to cover it.

Little Miss Underemployed9 of 10

Little Miss Underemployed

'Yeah I'm totally employed'

'As what?'

'I'm an intern.'

'Does that mean you work for free?'



Mr. Student Loan Debt10 of 10

Mr. Student Loan Debt

The sad face says it all really doesn't it. At our age, our parents were busy buying houses whilst we're still figuring out how to make £30 last the whole week. We'd be more worried about it if we had any hope of every paying it back.

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