Inevitable Mistakes You’ve Made At Work

Oh that's the big boss? Oops.


by Jess Commons |
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Hooray! They're not firing that US Airways employee who accidentally tweeted the picture of the woman in a compromising position with the model airplane. As some guy from the company said, 'It was an honest mistake'. And a mistake that got them like a zillion times further reach than their normal social media strategy does, we bet.

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Seeing as you've probably got double the fear about going back to work after a four day weekend, we're here to remind you that whatever stupid thing you might do tomorrow, someone else has already done something much, much worse. Here's some mistakes we've all definitely made at work.

Been too familiar with your boss

You had to ruin it, didn’t you? You had one successful jokey moment and you couldn’t bear to have it end so you took it to the next level. Whatever you said was inevitably unfunny, racist and/or insulting to her and her hometown.

Claimed you understood something when you absolutely didn’t

Yep, synergy. Got it.

Left work with a colleague you don’t really know

‘Oh hey, how’s your day been? Oh are you going this way too? Cool, I guess we’ll er, walk together. Oh, you’re getting this train too? I’m not stalking you – honest! So, are you busy at the moment? Big weekend plans?’

**Got really drunk with a colleague you don't know all that well


Drinks after work with the girl you'd actually call a mate is all well and good, but when it's midnight and everyone's left apart from that guy that's slightly senior to you and you tell him about that time you managed to royally fuck up and get away with it, it's shit like that that'll have you waking up in the middle of the night (quite rightly) with The Fear.

Called IT because your computer wasn’t working

Only to find out halfway through the call that the internet cable’s fallen out of the back. Cue you doing your best ‘I’m still so confused?’ voice down the phone while you desperately try and stuff it back in. Before, ‘Oh my gosh it’s a miracle – it’s just started working again!’ Computers eh. What are they like?

Brought in the smelly food

Mackerel soup is all well and good in the confines of your own home but in the teeny tiny office kitchen that you share with 30 other people? Not such a good idea. Now everyone knows you as smelly soup girl. Good luck shaking that rep.

Not realising who the big boss is when he walked in

This almost never pans out like it does in the movies – you know, where you say something insightful and the big CEO happens to catch it, rethink how the whole company’s structured and promote you to being his right hand woman? Instead, he’s more likely to catch you yapping about your hangover and surfing Facebook with wild abandon.

Put a kiss on the end of an email

Oh, and NBD, it was going to a client. Sooo, that was cool.

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