Loose Women Panel Are Supposed To Be Opinionated, Stop Characterising It As A Cat Fight

Coleen Nolan and ITV have both denied reports about tension amongst the Loose Women panel, but why is it so hard to believe that women can work together?

Coleen Nolan

by Aaliyah Harry |

For many, Loose Women is a comforting morning talk show providing news, opinions and humour. The most recent shake up of the panel has brought a breath of fresh air to the show, and it remains a firm fixture in British TV.

However, Loose Women is also fronted by a very opinionated all-female panel. So, imagine my shock (not) when reports were published about behind the scenes ‘feuds.'

A recent report claimed that Nadia Sawalha was refusing to appear on the panel with Coleen Nolan due to derogatory comments allegedly made by Coleen’s agent about her. The article also alleged that Stacey Solomon requested that she no longer appear on the show with Coleen, when she returns from maternity leave.

The Loose Women bosses were forced to deny the latest rumours of behind the scenes tension. A representative from ITV dismissed the allegations stating, ‘ The Mail’s 'story is untrue', adding, 'Panellists are chosen for each show by the Loose Women Editor and senior production team, not the panellists themselves.'

Coleen also voiced her frustration on Twitter and said she would be taking ‘legal advice.’

Stacey Solomon also came to her defence replying to Coleen's tweet, ' What Coleen said. I’m doing my absolute best not to highlight the article or mention the paper or say anything really that might get them the click bait reactions they are after. '

However, this is not the first time the Loose Women panel have faced allegations of squabbling’s and fallings-out’s. It is just the latest rumour and sadly, it won’t be the last.

The idea that women can’t work together peacefully is just feeding into harmful stereotypes about us. No, we are not all ‘bitchy’ or ‘catty.’ Believe it or not, a large group of women can actually co-exist. No workplace is always harmonious, but the consistent emphasis on the falling out of an all-female panel is very telling.

It’s almost if some people are waiting for the chaos - that in itself is even more damaging and disappointing. All-female panels are hard to come by, and so the success of Loose Women is so positive and a progressive step in the media. We all know if this was an all-male panel, discussions about whether they do, or do not get on wouldn’t be an issue - let alone headline news. Equally, the Loose Women format is based around the panellists having different opinions around a topic, and debating that, as any group of women would. Turning that into a 'catfight' or a 'feud' is inaccurate and sexist.

However, this problem seeps down through society and I think many women can relate to this. During moments when we are showing our strongest selves, women are often hit with critical comments and labelled ‘bossy’ and ‘bitchy’. It’s as if there is something wrong with being a strong, confident and opinionated women, when we have every right to be. Men, by contrast, are told to stand out and are praised for being outspoken, competitive and even combative.

In a show of solidarity, the Loose Women panel have banded together on social media and have vehemently denied the claims.

Hopefully what comes next is understanding that women can co-exist and be successful. And the microscope on the Loose Women panel and their 'feuds' is left alone for good.

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