Forget Gold, We All Need To Invest In Lego

We all know what we're asking for next Christmas...


by Jazmin Kopotsha |

I think it’s fair to say that when you think about Lego, the last thing that comes to mind for most of us is investment, that big scary grown up word we're half trying to get our heads around as we happily scroll through ASOS on pay day.

What we do think about though, is that time your baby cousin was visiting and got a piece stuck up his nose. Or the many, many times you stood on a lone Lego brick and genuinely thought you’d have to have your foot amputated because it hurt so goddamn much.

Well, that might be all about to change because it turns out that Lego is a better investment than gold. Yes, real live actual GOLD. Forget metal detectors down on the beaches of Cornwall, get up to your attic and search for the toys!

The Telegraph reported that the ‘investors were able to secure a better return buying Lego sets over the past 15 years than from the stock market, gold, or back accounts.’ Which basically means that people who bought sets back in 2000, have made a bigger profit on Lego than those other grown up investment options.

The report explained that if your parents were feeling mega generous at Christmas 2007 and splashed out on the £342.49 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon, then you could sell it on for £2,712 today (8 times what it was bought for). Well, that’s if you resisted temptation to rip open the packaging with your teeth or finger nails, sending little Lego bits flying across the room, knowing that one of those pieces is probably still underneath the sofa to this day...

Old sets based around films like Star Wars or landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, are most likely to get you the most for your buck, but according to investing website, even that police station set you got (even though you actually wanted the farm scene), could still be worth quite a bit.

So if you’ve still got an unopened, pristine condition Lego set that you were thinking of handing down to your nieces and nephews, we wouldn’t blame you for holding on to it.

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