Is Good Morning Britain Gaslighting Meghan Markle?

Viewers are wondering why the morning talk show continue to give Thomas Markle airtime.

Meghan Markle

by Aaliyah Harry |

Thomas Markle made an appearance on Good Morning Britain this morning to chat to hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley about his relationship with his daughter Meghan Markle. It has raised concerns for not only Meghan, but also at Good Morning Britain’s continued support for him.

Host Richard was quick to ask Thomas why he keeps speaking out publicly to which he replied, ‘I've made it quite clear that until I hear from her, till she does speak to me that I'll continue to do this, and eventually sooner or later she should start talking to me.’ He continued, ‘We’re at a point where I think both of us should grow up, talk, make up, for the sake of the children now and for ourselves. This is ridiculous and has been going on for almost four years. It's crazy.’ His response is incredibly manipulative, and we are seeing the coercive control Thomas is trying to exercise live on air.

But are we really surprised that Thomas has taken yet another opportunity to publicly bash Meghan? We have seen time and time again that he will do and say anything for airtime by masking it as ‘caring’ for her. In actual fact, Thomas continiously emotionally abuses Meghan on multiple public platforms.

And it looks like the public is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the amount of airtime GMB is giving Thomas. There's an increasing fear that the show is facilitating the gaslighting against Meghan and giving him the public platform to continue to emotionally abuse her. This is not the first time the morning talk show have allowed Thomas on the show to speak out, and viewers are wondering why they keep allowing it.

Back to speaking about Meghan, Thomas commented, ‘I don't know what's changed her, she's never been that way before and once she hooked up with Harry, she changed.’ 'She's pretty much disowned both sides of her family and I don't understand the reason for it,' he added. Yes of course Thomas, after hearing this Meghan will now finally see that you are a supportive father and will be keen to make up…

Why Good Morning Britain is so relaxed about giving airtime to what amounts to abuse of Meghan, a new mother, is questionable. I don’t know exactly what they are trying to achieve from having him on air. His schtick hasn't evolved much over the last couple of years, and he certainly doesn't have anything new or headline-grabbing to say. As the audience Good Morning Britain are trying to reach are feel increasingly uncomfortable with this direction and switching off, there's nothing appealing about watching a woman being manipulated in the pursuit of viewing figures.

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