Oh Good. We Now Find Emojis Easier To Use Than Words

Words are overrated. Give into the power of emoji

Oh Good. We Now Find Emojis Easier To Use Than Words

by Jess Commons |
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According to a new study out today, 72% of 18-25 year olds find it easier to put their feelings across using emojis rather than text. Erm, yes. Have you ever managed to describe how you feel when you see an adorable picture of a cat adequately? Nope. The closest we’ve ever come is ‘SQUEEEEEEEEEOMG’ which is why the cat with heart eyes emoji is entirely necessary.

Here’s the other emojis that are replacing those complicated feelings we once had trouble expressing.

The Octopus


An adorable way of ending the conversation with someone that you like a lot but who you don’t want to get all soppy with. Use with kisses or without to denote the level of gravity the octopus holds.

The Terrified Cat


An all-encompassing term to describe a feeling of horror that could be down to anything as benign as ‘Monday Morning amiright?’ to ‘Oh my God my flatmate just walked in on me sucking off a carrot stuck to a poster of Louis Tomlinson’.

The Sun


Sun, summer, holiday, drinks in the park or a swim in the pool or just the mood the sun shining brings out in us. The sun is far more than an indiactor of the weather. Instead, it majestically sweeps all things summer under one magnificent umbrella. Glastonbury? SUN. Park today? SUN. Good morning? SUN.

The Cocktail


SO much more than just a drink. The number of these that you use is directly related to the kind of night you’re going to have. Three cocktails and a glass of wine? Relatively calm. Seven wines, a cocktail and three martinis? Get ready to use terrified cat in the morning.

The Ghost


I’m mental me! What am I like! Look how much bigger one eye is than the other. Am I drunk mental? Totally mental? Or maybe just having a frazzled day? Who knows? The ghost. That’s who.

Praise hands


Thank God, we’re not worthy or SING IT SISTER. Your online way to do a sassy finger snap without filming a very embarassing Vine of yourself.

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