5 Celebrities That Love Over-Sharing On Instagram

Meet The OMG Over Sharers Of Instagram

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These days, the amount that celebrities share on social media has no bounds.

From a trip to the gynaecologist to their intimate moments in bed, there is nothing they don’t want the rest of the world to see. We look at some of the most extreme cases of celebrity oversharing on Instagram here…


Case in point is Professor Green, who earlier this week uploaded a snap of his wife Millie Mackintosh onto his Instagram profile. The reality star was pictured naked in the bath with just the rapper’s feet to protect her modesty.

Within hours it had gathered more than 50,000 likes.


Millions have seen Kim Kardashian’s tape, she has been married on camera and recently she released an entire book based on her own selfies… there is very little this woman isn’t willing to share with the world. And recently the star posted a picture of herself stark naked on Instagram while she was six months pregnant. She wrote in the caption: ‘First they said I'm too skinny so I have to be faking it...Now they say I'm too big so I have to be faking it...SMH!’ This is a case of TMI that we applaud - when Kim attempted to fight back against the body shamers.


What Kim Kardashian started, Miley Cyrus is determined to finish. When it comes to oversharing, NOTHING is off limits for the pop star, including bathroom shots and nudity.

But during a recent battle with strep throat, the star went as far as to take a gruesome picture of her swollen tonsils with the caption, ‘Gnarly'.

She followed this with a picture of her naked and looking very sorry for herself while soaking in the bath.


Lena Dunham is an icon for millions of young women around the world and her Instagram is full of pictures designed to empower women. Recently she took sharing to a whole new level when she uploaded a picture of herself waiting for an exam at what appeared to be the gynecologist’s office. She captioned the picture: ‘Living young and wild and free.’


Big Bang Theory star Kayley Cuoco is one of Hollywood’s sweethearts, but that doesn’t mean her social media profile is all roses. The actress has a penchant for posting snaps of herself on the loo.

They started with this picture, which the star captioned: ‘@taraswennenlifeinstyle helping me get ready for @thetalk_cbs . #multitasking.’

Words: Caroline McGuire

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