You Can Now Comment On Twitter Retweets. Here Are Some Suggestions.

Finally, you don't have to copy and paste and then put quote marks around it and faff around with the character count! FINALLY!

You Can Now Comment On Twitter Retweets. Here Are Some Suggestions.

by Stevie Martin |
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Today, Twitter launched a feature allowing you to comment on retweets without having to copy and paste the original tweet, put it in quotation marks yourself and then write your comment. And a good thing too, because think of what you could be doing in all that time! You could make a hot air balloon out of grass and fly it to Nantucket.

So what does it actually entail? Embedding a tweet in your own tweet, which means you can get around the 140 character limit and commentate on something to your heart's delight. We're surprised this hasn't happened sooner, but it's a welcome change and may stop people paraphrasing original content in order to stick their Twitter-oar in. But what sort of comments should you go for? We've come up with five templates that'll do you for all your RT-ing needs.

Obviously these are just examples, so do swap in more relevant references.

**The 'I'm really annoyed about this' RT **

Their tweet: I hate all women, they should be put on the moon forever

Your RT comment template: face palm can we all report this Twitter user please?

The 'I want to share this incredible picture' RT

Their tweet: Look at this incredible picture of the moon

Your RT comment template: Guys, check out this incredible picture of the moon from [insert Twitter handle]

The 'My fave celeb idol has tweeted something really insightful' RT

Their tweet: I love moons

Your RT comment template: Who knew that Zayn Malik [or insert preferred idol] loved moons like I love moons!

The 'This event is occurring right now' RT

Their tweet: The moon is wearing a tophat, go and look outside right now!

You RT comment template: Can anyone verify that the moon is wearing a tophat rn?

**The 'Having a debate' RT **

Their tweet: I think that the moon shouldn't run for Prime Minister because of the NHS

Your RT comment template: Absolutely mad - the moon shouldn't run for Prime Minister COS IT'S A MOON

Hope this was really helpful. On another note, hopefully this ability to comment is just one more step towards preventing Twitterstorms (i.e. people tweeting four part essays in response to links due to character limit) because that shit is going to be the death of Twitter.

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