Does This Image Offend You? Bugaboo Picture Of Mum Running In Bikini Sparks Debate

Does This Image Offend You?


by Emma Spedding |
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This week Bugaboo's image of model Ymre Stiekema running in a bikini with her stroller has sparked huge debate online, with many criticising the pressure images like this put on new mums.

Bugaboo posted the campaign image shot by Vogue Netherlands of the model, who has a two year old daughter, on their Facebook page. It has now had over 600 comments, with users furiously debating the image.

One Facebook user wrote: "Totally ridiculous photo. At least have something realistic. Even the fittest mums I knew when my kids were bubs weren’t half as fit, and were doubly clothed. Give mums a break!!’ Another wrote: "Bugaboo, we need to talk, and by 'we' I mean me and whoever decided this is a good way to reach your target demographic of normal, average, everyday mums who might have some soft spots on their bodies left over from housing a foetus for 10 months,"

However not all the comments were negative, one Facebook user wrote: "Ladies - let's stop being hypocritical and appreciate a woman who has worked hard to look amazing."

Ymre, who is a keen runner, said to Bugaboo of her workouts: "I prefer training on my own, but we tend to go to the gym together. I'll ask him whether I'm doing certain exercises properly and ask him for tips, which is ideal. When I'm at home, I try to work out every day, and I'll always put on my workout gear if my hotel has a small gym or the location is good for running. Of course, it's not the end of the world to miss a work-out, I just miss them when I do."

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