Box Sets Are Ruining Our Sex and Social Lives. It’s Kind Of Worth It Though Isn’t It?

Box sets are apparently making us cancel social plans and ignore our boyfriends' sexual advances. Whoops


by Sophie Cullinane |
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Think that the only thing your Breaking Bad addiction’s causing you to miss out on is sleep (and, as a result, your Monday morning meeting)? Well, we’ve got some bad news for you, because according to new research suggests box sets are actually ruining our sex and social lives as well.

Apparently we’re all now so obsessed with our favourite TV programmes that we ignore the sexual advances of our partners, cancel social plans and, yes, miss out on sleep. Three quarters of the 2,000 people survey by, admitted to binge-watching shows for more than three hours at a time, while one in eight said they were completely hooked for more than six hours. Which, to be honest, we think shows quite a lot of restraint.

The research also revealed that half of us are so desperate to find out what happens next with our box sets that we’re happy to sacrifice a good night’s sleep, with a quarter admitting to cancelling evening plans to watch more of their favourite show. Apparently, most men said they liked watching box sets with their partner, but women preferred to go it alone. Hilariously, considering that news, 15% of the people surveyed also admitted to missing out on sex to watch their favourite programme.

We know we should be shocked by the research but, to be honest, what’s a couple of minutes between the sheets compared to keeping up to date with Game Of Thrones? No orgasm is that good, right? No?

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Picture: Rory DCS

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