Apparently, Fake Boobs Are Out

Perhaps thanks to the rise of the derriere, fake boobs are no longer being requested by every woman everywhere


by Alya Mooro |
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What with the rise of the whole big booty era - thanks for that one, Kim K! - and the subsequent rise of squats galore and plastic surgery of the derriere we suppose it was only a matter of time, really, before our *other *lady lumps took a back seat, so to say.

New research shows that demand for breast implants dropped by a quarter last year, while a number of celebrities the likes of Victoria Beckham have also been having their breast implants removed, with figures suggesting that a natural, less-is-more kind of look is much more in favour, these days. “It’s clear that the public of 2014 were after a refreshed or youthful appearance rather than more conspicuous alterations," Michael Cadier, President of BAAPS told The Times.

In fact, although breast enhancement is still the most popular kind of plastic surgery, figures were down by 23% from 2013, and other forms of plastic surgery like nosejobs and tummy tucks were also found to have decreased by 20% and 23% respectively.

We were always fans of the au-naturel look so whoopeeee, we say! And yes there are still millions of of unattainable ideals perpetuated by the media, but at least fake silicone breasts aren't one of them.

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