Almost A Quarter Of Us Don’t Shave Our Armpits Anymore

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by Rebecca Cope |
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An increasing number of young women are eschewing traditional beauty norms to let their body hair grow naturally, according to a new study.

The findings by Mintel show that only 77% of young women between 16-24 are still removing their armpit hair, with almost a quarter deciding to go au naturel. Similarly, more of us are leaving our leg hair long as well, with 6% less of us shaving than three years ago.

It’s hardly surprising that a growing number of us are ditching the razor: not only is hair removal a time-consuming, expensive and sometimes painful routine to upkeep, but there are also more and more stars who are flaunting their own hairy armpits.

Gone are the days when a flash of fuzz was seen as a major beauty faux pas (see: Julia Roberts) but instead is now embraced as a political statement on outdated beauty ideals. One celebrity who has pioneered the look is Madonna, who alongside her daughter Lourdes has shared pictures of her hairy armpits on Instagram. Another is Miley Cyrus, who also went so far as to dye her underarm hair pink.

Grazia writer Siam Goorwich recently shared her experiences of embracing her natural body hair, writing: ‘Walking round with a raucous hair party taking place under your clothes feels strangely illicit. The best surprise has been my armpit hair, which has sprouted into elegant, baby-soft wisps that are endlessly strokeable.’

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