The 5 Rules Of Sales Shopping

The 5 Rules Of Sales Shopping


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Now Black Friday and Manic Monday are over the shopaholic inside of us is already thinking about, you guessed it, the Boxing Day sales. Although we’re looking forward to it more than gran’s rum-soaked Christmas pudding, it's certainly not for the fainthearted.

To help you come back from the post-Christmas madness with stuff you’ll actually end up wearing, we’ve rounded up the 5 rules of successful sale shopping…

**1. Shopping after lunch is a fool’s game **

Get there early. You’ll probably have a sore head but if you don’t want to come back home smelling of defeat, set the alarm.

**2. Prepare **

If you know you’re going to be hitting Cos or Topshop on the day, try on lots of items in the weeks leading up to the sales. Not only will it save you loads of cash if it doesn’t suit, it will also spare you the changing room trip.

**3. Ditch the new woolly sweater **

…and the heels. By the time you get to try anything on you’ll be using the changing room as a place to have a little rest.

4. Be realistic

When everything’s 50% off, it’s easy to convince yourself that you simply can’t go home without that pair of boyfriend jeans that you can’t quite fit into.

5. Know the sales returns policy before buying

Trust us, trying to flog £200 worth of clothes on eBay for less than £50 is just seriously depressing.

Words by Layla Haidrani

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