The 5 Frenimies You Need To Ditch

The 5 Frenimies You Need To Ditch


by Holly Peacock |
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You know those friends that make you feel drained every time you meet up with them? Well, they might not just be annoying; they could be causing you physical and psychological harm!

This week, the BBC reported that around half of our acquaintances might actually be ‘frenimies’ and could be toxic. Our advice? Cut them out of your life. Pronto.

To help you identify who to start phasing out we’ve listed the 5 frenimies we could all do without:

1. The Joyless Joe –

The glass isn’t just half empty it’s smashed to smithereens! Nothing brings them happiness or at least they don’t know how to show it. Every time you see them, no matter how positive you were, you feel like you have a grey cloud above your head.

2. The Jellyfish –

Sting after sting these frenimies drop countless passive aggressive insults that leave your confidence in tatters. You can’t quite tell at the time if they’re complimenting you or criticising you. A conversation with them is, to reference Bridget Jones, like being stung repeatedly by a jellyfish. Ouch!

3. The Competitor -

If you want to do it, they’ve already done it. If you have done it, they’ve done it better. If you have an idea, they find a way to make it theirs. On and on it goes until you find yourself drawn in and doing it back to them.

4. The Car Crash -

You spend hours counseling them after they keep making the same disastrous mistakes but they don’t listen – nor do they take any responsibility. After a while it can become painful to watch.

5. The Vacuum –

This is quite possible the worst of the lot. They suck the energy out of you and leave you feeling lonely and empty. Characteristics include a combination of all the above.

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