The 25 Best Gossip Girl Moments EVER: Weddings, Cameos, Catfights And More

The 25 best Gossip Girl moments, EVER!


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Gossip Girl Best Moments

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Alexa Chung is the most stylish commodity that the UK has ever exported to the US, FACT! No wonder the show’s producers snapped her up for a cameo.

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The show finished the first half of Series 2 with the shocking death of Chuck’s father, but as with everything on Gossip Girl nothing is quite as it seems.

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It was the kiss we had all be waiting for and it couldn’t have come soon enough at the end of series 2. Unfortunately for Chuck and Blair it wasn’t all plain sailing after they said ‘I love you’.

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Shot and left for dead at the end of series 3, Chuck is reunited with Blair (wearing Oscar de la Renta) as she lovingly releases him from their bond.

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Three’s a crowd has been recurring theme on the show, kicking off in series 1 when it was revealed that Serena had slept with Nate, the boyfriend of her best friend Blair.

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Do you remember when the Gossip Girl gang were just wee nippers in their school uniforms? Arriving on our screens in 2007, the show successfully filled the gaping glossy teen drama hole left by The OC and unsurprisingly it came from the creator of the California-based series, Josh Schwartz

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When you’re feeling down and your world’s falling apart, have a Princess moment on the steps of the New York Public Library.

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Not the happiest day of Blair’s life, but she certainly looked beautiful as the blushing bride when she finally wed Louis.

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Serena’s cousin Charlie Rhodes enters the scene in series 5, but is she the real deal?

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Rather than ‘losing it’ to her first love Nate, Blair had a steamy encounter with his best bud Chuck in the back of a limo. It doesn’t sound classy, but it certainly got our hearts pounding…

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Not really part of the storyline, but surely one of the best things to happen on GG no?!

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Serena also suffered a car accident in series 4, but Chuck and Blair’s crash caused B to lose her baby and run back into the arms of Prince Louis.

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We just loved the run up (literally in Chuck’s case) to the magical moment when Blair and Chuck finally said ‘I do!’.

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Chuck returns from Europe with a new love interest called Eva (played by Clemence Poesy). We all knew he couldn’t stay away from Blair for too long though.

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Chuck and Nate may get their fair share of women, but no one could have predicted Dan’s threesome with his old friend Vanessa and girlfriend Olivia, played by Hilary Duff.

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Things took a turn for the worse for Jenny in series 3. After running away from home, ditching her ex BFF Eric, dealing drugs and sleeping with Chuck Bass, Rufus laid on the worst punishment for any young wannabe debutante: banishment to Hudson, New York, to live with her mother.

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And the prize for the least expected cameo goes to Liz Hurley who played conniving cow and Nate’s love interest Diana Payne in series 5.

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The Bride wore pink, the groom was Rufus, the wedding band was Sonic Youth. Surely the coolest Gossip Girl ceremony to date.

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Serena’s relationship with former teacher Ben unearths the lengths that Lily will go to protect her family honour.

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Blair and Serena’s Paris wardrobe at the beginning of series 4 was the show’s fashion highlight. Set against the backdrop of the City of Light, the pair set about to do some serious shopping.

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Cracks continue to develop in Serena and Blair’s relationship in Series 2, particularly due to Serena’s growing prominence as a New York Socialite. It all comes to a head when the pair visit Yale.

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When Dan’s sister Jenny (AKA Little J) embarks on a career as a fashion designer Blair accidentally helps her out by getting Serena to walk the runway in one of her young protégé’s creations.

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There have been so many great Gossip Girl weddings over the years, but Lily and Bart’s nuptials in series 1 set the tone for couture frocks and disapproving relatives galore.

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We love a Gossip Girl dream montage, and series 5 delivered on this front with Serena playing up to her blonde bombshell image as Marilyn Monroe and Blair dressed as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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Like all good GG couples, Serena and Dan have had a long-term on-off relationship. As the Outsider of the group Dan was dubbed ‘Lonely Boy’ by Gossip Girl, but through his relationship with S had the opportunity to enter the exclusive world of Upper East Siders.

After six seasons, 121 episodes and we've lost count of how many breakups, Gossip Girl is finally coming to an end with a two-hour special this week. The show that made hairbands, twinsets and even school uniforms chic, has been one of our TV fashion highlights over the last five years, but our love of GG went way beyond couture ball gowns. Serena, Blair, Chuck, Dan and Nate brought us scandal after scandal and scheme after scheme and, with a little help from Vanessa, Eric, Jenny, Charlie and Juliet, made the Upper East Side of Manhattan seem like one non-stop drama-rama. If it wasn’t the teenagers causing havoc in New York society it was their parents, from Lily and Rufus to Serena’s father William and the villain of the series, Bart Bass stirring it up.

What started out as a high school drama quickly transformed into a mix between Cruel Intentions, Project Runway and Joey Tribbiani soap opera Days of Our Lives. There were tantrums, tiaras, catfights and faked deaths, as well as cameos from of the fashion world’s biggest names including Tyra Banks, Alexa Chung and Rachel Zoe.

So as we say goodbye and shed a tear for B, S and Co, we thought we’d round up our 25 favourite Gossip Girl moments ever – scroll through the gallery for a trip down memory lane and watch some of the show’s most salacious scenes below…

1. Blair Loses It

2. Dan Gets VERY Lucky

3. Serena's Sex Tape

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