The 10 Things We Learned From Our TED Talk Playlist

The 10 Things We Learned From Our Grazia TED Talk Playlist


by Holly Peacock |
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You know what it's like, you're sitting there on a Sunday afternoon and you suddenly get 'work fear' - that turns into general life fretting. You end up lying awake going over every aspect of your life and end up exhausted come Monday morning.

It happens to all of us but sometimes we really need a kick in the backside to get us motivated enough to change the things we're not happy about (or even just to get us moving). Enter TED.

TED has to be the best place to get life-spiration on any topic and guaranteed, everyone has a favourite. We asked the Grazia office to tell us theirs and put together our very own playlist. You can watch it here{ =nofollow}.

If you don’t have time to watch all twenty talks right now (stupid work, always getting in the way!) here’s the top 10 things we learned so far:

1. Low on confidence? Stand up straight and fake it become it.

2. Claim your twenties! Don’t put off that internship or starting your own business. Your twenties are for taking risks not wasting time.

3. It’s ok if your idea of a good time is alone time.

4. Don’t assume that a creative career will end in a mental breakdown.

5. A feminist is a person who believes in the political, social and economical equality of the sexes. Simple.

6. In an important meeting? Sit at the table and speak up.

7. Get comfortable with being wrong. It's ok to say 'I don't know'

8. Be unapologetic about your flaws, it’s ok to be a bundle of contradictions. “Women are complicated, not because women are crazy but because people are crazy and women, happen to be people”.

9. Self confidence is a skill that can be learned. Practice, practice, practice. Don’t just accept failure…

10. You're never going to ‘feel’ like doing something, you have to force yourself. Your problem isn’t lack of ideas it's that you don’t act on them.

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