Me +1: Why I’m On The Fence About Digital Detoxes


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Danielle Perry is a radio presenter at Absolute Radio, a band manager, DJ, podcaster and writer for Q Magazine. She’s also a new mum to baby Etta. Although life has changed somewhat, there is a common ground between everything and that’s what she’s going to be writing about in this new column, 'Me +1'. She’s not going to be banging on about sensory classes or Peppa Pig – but the way our interests, styles and passions shift throughout our lives and how it is possible to not lose any of your identity or fun with the impending feeling of being a proper grown up.

In the latest edition of Grazia we were talking about having a digital detox – SUCH a good idea. It does feel a bit overwhelming sometimes doesn’t it? I wonder what it must be like growing up in such a filtered comparative world for our teenagers – must be quite exhausting for them.

It’s such a double-edged sword though isn’t it. I had a great Aunt Betty who embraced technological advances and helped implement them into the NHS – in this instance technology improved things no end, and I do also believe that it does have its place socially. It’s perfect to see my best friend when I was a kid, having children of his own and his life out in Canada; it’s great to see my other friend recounting her Friday night in Sydney before we’ve even had chance to log off at the end of the week.

There’s also some really great apps I’ve found recently including 1SE – an application where you upload a photo or video each day and it merges them all together into a little film. I’ve done it every day since baby Etta was born and it’s fascinating to watch back. My friend also makes a film of each month as a kind of retrospective – it’s quite heart-warming to scan back over your past month’s highlights, and surprisingly when you have to do it, and think about it, if you can find a highlight every day to upload, life ain’t that bad right?

One thing I can’t quite let go of though is the classic photo album. Every year for Valentine’s Day I print out a batch of photos from the last year and do ‘the album’. It’s cathartic and really quite pleasing. And tactile. No digital cloud will ever lose these bad boys.

So, it's little and often I think, like everything. Moderation is key. OH GOD HOW BORING but maybe the right road in the long term. I also do agree that I'm starting to sound like my own mother. It happens eventually doesn't it?

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