Wayne Rooney’s World Cup Playlist Is Confusing On So Many Levels

So many questions.


by Jess Commons |
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Just in case you were struggling to figure out what to listen to when the World Cup rolls around, now that the video for Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez's official FIFA song has been lambasted as 'cliched' by unimpressed Brazilians and Shakira's La La La (Brazil 2014) turned out to be a marketing exercise for Activia Yogurt (leave it to Martine next time, yeah Shakira?), boy, have we got a solution for you. England striker Wayne Rooney has released his very own World Cup 2014 playlist on Spotify. He's described its contents as a 'mixed bag'.

Aside from what on earth Damian Rice's The Blower's Daughter has got to with football, there's a few other questions we're asking ourselves. For starters, is Wayne the last person on earth still listening to Pharrell's Happy? And, out of all the spectacular James Blunt songs available (and we say this without irony, James Blunt is fucking great and we'll batter anyone that says any different), why did Wayne choose the depressing Goodbye My Lover? Is Wayne already predicting an early heartbreak for the England squad in Rio next month? Who knows. It's all too cryptic for us to handle on a Friday afternoon. Have a listen to the playlist below and see if you can figure out what's going on in that big old head loveable head of his.

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