This Guy Sings Over 70 Beyoncé Songs In Four Minutes And It’s The Best

Prepare to have Beyoncé in your head all day

This Guy Sings Over 70 Beyoncé Songs In Four Minutes And It’s The Best

by Victoria Beardwood |

Hearing a medley of all five Beyoncé albums sung by a guy with great eyebrows is my dream. Well, maybe not my all-time dream but it’s definitely in the top five (and I’m sure you feel the same way). Lucky for us, former American Idol semi-finalist and YouTuber Todrick Hall has put together a video of just that, in which he squeezes over 70 Beyoncé songs into four minutes using four recordings of his flawless self.

Listen out for Queen Bey classics like Run the World and Single Ladies - complete with enthusiastic arm movements - as well as some bonus tracks. The video may only be 4 minutes long but you’ll be getting your Yoncé on all day.

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