A Few Things We Learned At Parklife Festival This Weekend

It's far from grim up North


by Jess Commons |
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Manchester’s girls are troopers

Northern ladies, we salute you. Far be it for you to let a little thing like torrential rain and rising muddy waters stop you busting out your best new hotpants, flatform sandals and full make-up. While we shivered miserably in our soaking wet, mud-splattered jeans, several layers of sweatshirt and Primark mac, you powered through like it was a breezy 80 degrees and sunny. Good job. You’re an inspiration to us all.


Weird couplings happen backstage

In the oddest celebrity pairing spotted backstage, ex Made in Chelsea-er turned fashion designer Phoebe Lettice was spotted hobnobbing with Shannyn Sossamyn’s old band Warpaint. Erm, sure?

Fishtail braids can save any technical hitches

When Rudimental’s set suffered a catastrophic breakdown (ie the sound system totally broke, went quiet and left the band singing earnestly but silently to a booing crowd), it was vocalist Ann Marie who saved the day as she bounced around the stage, grinning like a maniac and singing Not Giving In and Waiting All Night like nobody’s business.

**Snoop Dogg can pretty much do whatever he wants **

Including a cover of Joan Jett’s I Love Rock ’N Roll. Why? Because he’s Snoop Dogg. Also, the 42-year-old did a rather excellent job of making Wiz Khalifa’s stoner anthem Young Wild and Free into a stupidly touching closing track. Big love Snoop-a-loop.

Google weather lies

Early reports (Google) on Sunday claimed the weather was taking a turn for the better after the deluge onSaturday that left most of the festival grounds under half a foot of mud. Things were going so well weather-wise on Sunday that we’d even gingerly put on our sunnies when half four rolled around and saw the heavens open in a downpour so torrential, it even managed to soak those huddling under tents. Shout out to the girl we spied losing her flatform sandals in a sticky mud-related incident around this time before ditching them in the bin, preferring to carry on barefoot.

Chicken does wonders for Katy B

Despite winning the mainstage early on the Saturday, the* Crying For No Reason* singer popped up on top of the Nando’s stand later on for an impromptu acoustic set that saw Katy’s banging voice topping the excellent vocals from her earlier show.

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